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General Contribution

Want to help but don't know what to do? You can help to extend and enrich the Jenkins community even if you don't necessarily write code. Here is the Beginners Guide to Contributing. The latest snapshots of Jenkins can be found at the official Jenkins CI server and builds of the plugins at the Buildhive CI Server.

Migrate from Hudson to Jenkins

How to migrate your development environment and account from Hudson:

Developing Plugins

Jenkins supports plugins, which allow Jenkins to be extended to meet specific needs of individual projects. Read on to learn how to write a plugin, especially make sure to read how to set up your environment.

Additional references

Developing Plugins in Ruby

Developing Plugins in Python

Developing Jenkins

If you are interested in hacking Jenkins itself, read on to learn how to do so.

Jenkins Development Community Help

Developing Integrations with Jenkins

If you are developing other tools that interface with Jenkins, here are the relevant information.

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Page: Why Maven?
Page: Action and its family of subtypes
Page: Adding tool auto-installer
Page: Adding tooltips
Page: Adopt a Plugin
Page: AJAX with JavaScript proxy
Page: Architecture
Page: Auto-discovering Jenkins on the network
Page: Basic guide to Jelly usage in Jenkins
Page: Before starting a new plugin
Page: Building Jenkins
Page: Bundling plugins with Jenkins
Page: Checking out existing plugins
Page: Choosing Jenkins version to build against
Page: Configuring Jenkins upon start up
Page: contributing
Page: Debugging native Maven jobs
Page: Defining a new extension point
Page: Dependencies among plugins
Page: Dependency Injection
Page: Developer's Guide
Page: Developing with JRebel
Page: Dot Jenkins Ci Dot Org
Page: Embedding Rack Application
Page: Exposing data to the remote API
Page: Extension Point for Project Views Navigation
Page: Extension points
Page: Figuring out URL binding of Stapler
Page: FindBugs in plugins
Page: Form Validation
Page: Generating skeletons
Page: GitHub commit messages
Page: GitHub Repositories
Page: Google Summer of Code
Page: Gradle JPI Plugin
Page: Groovy View
Page: Help Wanted
Page: Hierarchical projects support
Page: Hints for plugin-development newbies
Page: Hosting Plugins
Page: Hyperlinks in HTML
Page: Instance Identity
Page: IntelliJ IDEA plugin for Stapler
Page: Internationalization
Page: Introduction
Page: Java 5 Compatibility
Page: Jelly and XSS prevention
Page: Jelly form controls
Page: Jenkins Pieces in GitHub
Page: Jenkins plugin development in Ruby
Page: Jenkins Slave on DalvikVM in Android
Page: Mail address resolution
Page: Making your plugin behave in distributed Jenkins
Page: Making your plugin behave in secured Jenkins
Page: Marking a new plugin version as incompatible with older versions
Page: Moving from Subversion (svn) to Github
Page: My class is missing descriptor
Page: NetBeans plugin for Stapler
Page: Official Ubuntu packages
Page: Participating to the initialization
Page: Pending Pull Requests
Page: Plugin Cookbook
Page: Plugin Structure
Page: Plugin tutorial
Page: Pull Request to Repositories
Page: Release Process
Page: Setting up Eclipse to build Jenkins
Page: Site Creation and Deployment
Page: Source code
Page: Stencils and Images
Page: Structured Form Submission
Page: Test Support Proposal
Page: UI Enhancements
Page: Understanding Jelly Tags
Page: Unit Test
Page: Web Method
Page: Writing a foldable section controlled by a checkbox
Page: Writing an SCM plugin
Page: Writing CLI commands
Page: Writing Jelly views with IDE assistance
  1. Jan 07, 2010

    abrugger - says:

    Does someone has a detailed Hudson documentation to write Hudson plugin? The wik...

    Does someone has a detailed Hudson documentation to write Hudson plugin? The wiki doc is rather too basic and when you want to write more than the 'hello World' plugin is not so easy to find out which classes/interfaces to use/implement, where to put codes, etc...So it's very time consuming to write Hudson plugins.

    Thanks in advance

  2. Jun 25, 2012

    Marc Günther says:

    It would be worth mentioning that the plugins are not built on the official...

    It would be worth mentioning that the plugins are not built on the official Jenkins CI server anymore, but on Buildhive: https://buildhive.cloudbees.com/job/jenkinsci/