Jenkins : Embedding Rack Application

One of the Ruby-specific Stapler extension is to delegate the HTTP request dispatching process completely to a Rack application. This allows your plugin to define a subtree of the URL space by using a familiar Ruby-based web framework, such as Sinatra and Ruby on Rails.

To do this, simply include Jenkins::RackSupport to your model class, then implement the call method that follows the Rack specification. Most typically, you'll simply delegate to a Rack application created elsewhere. The following example shows an implementation of RootAction that uses a sinatra app to define its URL subspace. In this case, an instance of TestRootAction is bound to /root_action, so /root_action/hi would be processed by this Sinatra app to say hello world.

require 'sinatra/base'
require 'jenkins/rack'
class SomeSinatraApp < Sinatra::Base
  get '/hi' do
    'Hello world from Sinatra!'

class TestRootAction < Jenkins::Actions::RootAction
  include Jenkins::RackSupport
  def call(env)

  display_name "Test Root Action"

  def icon

  def url_name