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Plugin Information

Plugin ID buildtriggerbadge Changes In Latest Release
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Aug 02, 2013
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Michael Pailloncy (id: mpapo)
Baptiste Mathus (id: batmat)
Usage Installations 2013-Apr 524
2013-May 596
2013-Jun 670
2013-Jul 759
2013-Aug 823
2013-Sep 855
2013-Oct 926
2013-Nov 932
2013-Dec 985
2014-Jan 1012
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2014-Mar 1155

This plugin displays icon(s) representing the cause(s) of a build directly in the build history. It lets you quickly know which cause triggered a build.

Without this plugin, you may sometimes wonder what triggered a particular build shown in the build history.
To know it, you have to open each link separately, which can be cumbersome.

Note: after installation, the plugin will currently only add icons on new builds. Old builds won't have the indicator.

Screenshot - badges

Screenshot - last trigger column

A tooltip on each icon is available for details.

To remove duplicates of the same Cause type and the same description (see JENKINS-15474), you can apply this groovy script :
import org.jenkinsci.plugins.buildtriggerbadge.BuildTriggerBadgeAction;

for(item in Jenkins.instance.items) {
  for(build in item.builds) {
    def set = new HashSet();
    for(action in build.badgeActions) {
      if(action instanceof BuildTriggerBadgeAction) {
      	def filter = action.cause.class.canonicalName + "_" + action.cause.shortDescription
      	if(set.contains(filter)) {
	    println "removing duplicates BuildTriggerBadgeAction in build " +
      	else {

It's not necessary to apply this script for versions >= 0.9.


Version 1.1

  • Added a column showing cause and short description of the last build -> thanks to Łukasz Jąder (ljader) : pullrequest #3
  • Added periodic-reincarnation-plugin cause -> thanks to Mirko Friedenhagen (mfriedenhagen) : pullrequest #4
  • Upgrade required core version to current Jenkins LTS version (1.509.2)

Version 1.0

  • Added M2Release cause as UserCause -> thanks to Christian Apel (christianapel) : pullrequest #1
  • Added GitPush cause + Fall back on superclass if a cause does not have a badge -> thanks to James Clarke (jrtc27) : pullrequest #2

Version 0.9

  • JENKINS-15474 : filter duplicates of the same Cause type and the same description

Version 0.8

  • JENKINS-15307 : fix images URL when Jenkins is running as non-context root (deployed as a tomcat webapp, for example).

Version 0.7

  • Added a global option to de/activate the plugin

Version 0.6

  • Added support for builds triggered from command line using jenkins-cli.jar (CLICause) and for remotely triggered build (RemoteCause).

Version 0.5

  • initial release. 
    • Shows icons for builds triggered by user, timer, scm or upstream cause. Any other cause will currently show a question mark.


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