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Version 1.1.0 Documentation


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Jenkins Configuration


The following steps will assume Jenkins is setup as a Master with a Slave on another machine to execute the job's build and run the ZAP Security Tool.



Create a New Item

  1. Open Jenkins

    • (info)

  2. Click New Item

    • (info)

      • Name: ZAP_EXAMPLE_JOB
      • Type: Freestyle project
  3. Click OK


Create the Workspace

  1. Go to the Job Summary Page

    • (info)
  2. Click Configure
    • (info)
  3. Restrict where this project can be run (True)

    • Name of Slave where ZAP security tool is installed
  4. Click Save
  5. Click Build Now

New empty workspace will be created on the Slave machine

  • (info) C:\Users\<USER_ID>\Jenkins\workspace\ZAP_EXAMPLE_JOB


Configure the Job to Execute ZAP

Setup the job to run ZAP security tool with a loaded session.

Configure the Job to Execute ZAP as part of a Selenium Build

Setup the job to run a Selenium step during the executing of the ZAP security tool and persist the session afterwards.

Info: This will allow ZAP security tool to act as an Intercepting Proxy. It will map all of the requests the Selenium script makes to a web app and all of the responses ZAP receives from it.


Configure the Job's Post Build Actions

  1. Summary Display(info) Documentation, how to use Summary Display in your own job configuration can be found here.

    Info: This plugin allows an easy and fully customized build report display. Useful for it's Post-Build action to Archive the artifacts, thus copying over the generated report(s) and ZAP log(s) into the build's directory from the workspace.

  2. HTML Publisher(info) Documentation, how to use HTML Publisher in your own job configuration can be found here.

    Info: This plugin publishes HTML reports. Useful for displaying the latest .html or .xhtml report.



Congratulations you've successfully setup your first ZAP Jenkins Job.


Build Now

Congratulations you should have been able to run your first successful ZAP Jenkins Build.


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