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This plugin allows you publish [Parasoft C++test|] test results.

This plugin makes it possible to import Parasoft C++test reports from each build into Hudson so they are displayed with a trend graph and details about which tests that failed. {excerpt}\\

h1. Known Problems

The followings are known problems and improvements for static analysis report of Cpptest plugin v.0.9.
(some of them were fixed by ahebert, thanks\!)

* -(middle)- _{-}Flow analysis result{-}_ -(Bug Detective of C++test) are ignored-
** *{-}FlowViol{-}* -elements should be processed similarly to StdViol-
* -(middle)- _{-}Suppressed warnings{-}_ -are also counted as warnings-
** -StdViol and FlowViol elements which have- *-@supp="true"-* -should be ignored-
* (minor) _help.html_ of job configuration is not shown
* (minor) _Link to target source file{_}s from Cpptest report web page may be lost
** How other plugins supported by static-core can find correct source path?
* (improvement) hopefully,  the metrics below should be also output, so that 'no warning' means  to be really happy to you \!
** _the total number of rules_
** _the total number of suppressed warnings_
* (minor) _The number of warnings_ reported by Cpptest plugin is often less than that of C++test native report.
** It seems to be because C++test reports multiple warnings of the same kind in the same line, for example,
C++test reports multiple warnings of 'non-ascii tab character' against every TAB in the same line.

h1. Changelog

h2. Version 0.14

\* Fix [29088@issue] \- Fix 404 on trends configuration link

h2. Version 0.13.1 (May 20, 2014)

\* Fix bug on configuration save

h2. Version 0.13 (May 07, 2014)

\* Add Cpptest 9.0\+ support

h2. Version 0.12 (March 02, 2014)

\* Fix [18727@issue] \- The cppTest 9.5 xml output doesn't match the current parser rule

h2. Version 0.11 (August 29, 2013)

\* Fix : 
* (middle) _Flow analysis result_ (Bug Detective of C++test) are ignored
** *FlowViol* elements are processed similarly to StdViol
* (middle) _Suppressed warnings_ are also counted as warnings
** StdViol and FlowViol elements which have *@supp="true"* are ignored
* (middle) _Met analysis result_ (Metrics of C++test) are ignored
** *MetViol* elements are processed similarly to StdViol

h2. Version 0.10 (July 31. 2013)

\* For BugDetective use and extends violation of static analysis (StdViol)

h2. Version 0.9 (May 29, 2011)

\* Upgraded to Jenkins 1.410
\* Upgraded to [xUnit|JENKINS:xUnit Plugin] 1.17

h2. Version 0.8 (October 11, 2010)

\* Upgraded to [xUnit|JENKINS:xUnit Plugin] 1.9

h2. Version 0.7 (September 07, 2010)

\* Upgraded to [xUnit|JENKINS:xUnit Plugin] 1.8

h2. Version 0.6 (July 12, 2010)

\* Upgraded to [xUnit|JENKINS:xUnit Plugin] 1.4

h2. Release 0.5 (July 09, 2010)

\* Upgraded to [xUnit|JENKINS:xUnit Plugin] 1.1

h2. Release 0.4 (April 24, 2010)

\* Added static analysis part (Thanks to N. Q. Huy)

h2. Release 0.3 (February 26,2010)

\* Upgraded to xUnit 0.6.1

h2. Release 0.2 (November 24, 2009)

\* Upgraded to xUnit 0.4
\* \[Internal improvement\] Added Unit Tests for robustest
\* \[Internal improvement\] Externalized labels

h2. Release 0.1 (October 05, 2009)

\* Added C and C+\+ Testing