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You can go right to the donation page if you don't need all the context below.

The project is affiliated with Software in the Public Interest, a non-profit organization, and we can accept donations online through SPI. For other ways to donate, see the donation page on the SPI website.

Your contribution helps us keep Jenkins going by paying project expenses, such as:

  • Cost of SSL certificates on our websites
  • Cost of bandwidth overages
  • Cost of server equipment
  • A portion of your contribution keeps SPI going, which we rely on as our legal entity to hold assets, etc.

You contribution is not used for paying personnel; all the contributors work on a voluntary basis.

Friend of Jenkins

In showing our appreciation, we'll send out a special "friend of Jenkins" plugin to those who have donated more than $25. This plugin adds a little icon in the footer section, telling that you are a friend of Jenkins. You can install this to your Jenkins to show off that you've helped us.

2011 Summer Fundraising Drive

Our current goal is to raise $5130 $5400 which was the cost of the bandwidth overage charged to R. Tyler Croy's credit card for July and August when people downloaded Jenkins en masse and we failed to utilize our mirrors properly. The problem has been corrected and measures are being taken to prevent this from happening again, but what happened happened, and it's not fair for any individual to be asked to pay that much money for the project.

If you think you have positively benefited from Jenkins, please give us your support by donating.

As of 9/14, we've raised $810 toward $5400.
As of 9/20, we've raised $3870 toward $5400.
As of 9/25, we've raised $3900 toward $5400.
As of 10/25, we've raised $4040 toward $5400.

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