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Support Subscription

Sun Microsystems, Inc. offers Sun Continuous Integration Server (SCIS), which is a supported version of Hudson. This offering is designed to help organizations that depend on Hudson, and it is a part of a broader GlassFish Portfolio offering.


In a nutshell, the subscription includes:

  • Patch Releases: SCIS branches off public releases of Hudson every 6 months, and customers receive patch releases that only includes important bug fixes for 18 months. Unlike community versions of Hudson, these patch releases do not include new features that can cause regressions or other user experience changes, thereby providing stability that enterprises need.
  • Priority Bug Fixes: Bugs filed by customers are handled differently for faster turn-around time, and fixes are delivered in patch releases (in addition to normal community releases like all the other bugs do.)
  • Dedicated e-mail alias: Sun experts will answer your questions on a dedicated customer only e-mail alias.

For the normative information , refer to the following documents:

Supported Platforms

Your purchase of support subscription entitles you to the supported version of Sun GlassFish Enterprise Server. SCIS is supported on v2.1 and its update releases of GlassFish. All the other servlet containers are best-effort basis, although SCIS is known to work well on Tomcat, JBoss, Jetty, WebLogic, and Winstone (normative info)

Similarly, Solaris, OpenSolaris, and Red Hat Enterprise Linux are the officially supported OS. All the other OSes are best-effort basis, although SCIS is known to work well on Windows 2000 and later, Mac OS X, and various Linux distributions, such as Ubuntu, Debian, SUSE, Fedora, and CentOS (normative info).


The current patch releases are branched off from Hudson 1.312.


Depending on the size of your Hudson installation, subscription is available at 4 price points.

Subscription Level Master # of additional slaves Price Note
Basic 1 1 $999/yr  
Silver 1 10 $2999/yr  
Gold 1 25 $5999/yr  
Platinum 1 25 $8999/yr In addition to Gold, Platinum customers get a customer advocate.
For example, if you run 1 master with 30 slaves, you need 1 Gold + 1 Silver subscriptions, which entitles you to up to 35 slaves.


You can purchase it online, or contact Sun Sales


Contact sales to learn more about this offer.

Plugin Development Services

Sun Professional Services offer development and consulting services for organizations that need custom Hudson plugins, or modifications to Hudson or its existing plugins. Roughly speaking, this is an hourly-charged offsite services, and prices are different depending on whether or not the resulting IP will remain in the open source. This service is designed for:

  • Software vendors that develop connectivity/integration between Hudson and other software
  • Organizations that need to integrate Hudson into their existing tools, authentication mechanism, and processes.
  • Organizations that need some targeted features in Hudson.

For more information, contact sales.


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