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{excerpt}This plugin adds support for external resources in Jenkins. An external resource is something external
attached to a Jenkins slave and can be locked by a build, which thus gets exclusive access to it, then released after the
build is done. Examples of external resources are phones, printers and USB christmas trees.
*Note that even though the 'b' fell off in the latest release, this plugin is still considered to be in beta stage.*

h2. Quick usage guide

For a build with a locked resource, we expose all the properties of the resource as environment variables, with the names:
MD_name_of_the_property. MD_EXTERNAL_RESOURCES_LOCKED\__NAME_OF_THE_PROPERTY_IN_CAPS_. These can be used to refer to the locked resource from build steps.

h2. Administrator settings
Requires that the user has the LockRelease permission set for the node that the resource is on.

h3. Integration with the Build Flow Plugin

There is an extension point for [JENKINS:Build Flow Plugin] that can be used for easy access to the resource manager from within the build flow script like:

def manager = extension.'externalresource-dispatcher'

h3. Change Log