Writing an SCM plugin

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h1. Introduction

This document is a howto on writing an SCM plugin for Hudson. Jenkins. It is based on my experiences writing the [Team Foundation Server plugin].

h1. Prerequisites
h2. Determining configuration options

First you should investigate on what configuration parameters that the SCM should have and should not have. It is advisable to keep the number of configuration points as low as possible to be in line with the easiness as the rest of Hudson. Jenkins. For the Team Foundation Server I have determined that the following configuration parameters are needed:
* the server name/url
* the name of the project
* Comment
* A list of files
* Action (added, deleted, changed)
* File name
* Version
* Version

h1. Sections
* The [Change log] section covers how the change log for a build should be handled so it can be displayed in the Changes page.
* The [Repository browser] section covers how to support web based repository browsers in a plugin.
* The [Tag support] section covers how to tag a build using tag/label features in the SCM.