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Page: Audit To Database Plugin
Download latest release from ins/audit2db/ Download latest continuous integration release from CloudBees org.jenkinsci.plugins$audit2db/  ! ...
Other labels: plugin-user
Page: Conditional BuildStep Plugin
buildstep wrapping any number of other buildsteps, controlling their execution based on a defined condition. Info This plugin requires the TokenMacro Plugin JENKINS:Token Macro Plugin and the  JENKINS:Run Condition Plugin to be installed\! Ever wanted to have more ...
Other labels: token-consumer, plugin-builder, plugin, runcondition-consumer
Page: Config AutoRefresh Plugin
Config AutoRefresh Plugin \\ Provide a way to configure the autorefresh rate from the Jenkins UI. \\ !screenshot1.0.png thumbnail! \\ \\ Changelog 1.0 (released 20110623) fully I18N initial implementation
Other labels: plugin, plugins, plugin-misc
Page: DropDown ViewsTabBar Plugin
DropDown ViewsTabBar Plugin This plugin provides an alternate rendering of the Views bar which runs along the top of all views. This plugin is useful for instances which have a very large number of views and want a compact rendering. !screenshot1.0.png thumbnail ...
Other labels: plugin-misc, plugin-ui, plugin
Page: DumpInfo BuildWrapper Plugin
DumpInfo BuildWrapper Plugin \\ Dumps vital information about the Hudson instance into the job log. This plugin is useful for historical and audit purposes, where you can see what versions of Hudson, slaves, and plugins were around at the time of a build. \\ Configuration ...
Other labels: plugin-buildwrapper, plugin-misc, plugin
Page: Dynamic Search View Plugin
Adds a new list view, which allows to dynamically specify additional filters. {{{jenkinsplugininfo:pluginId=dynamicsearchview jiraComponent=dynamicsearchviewplugin}}} About this plugin Dynamic Search View allows setting of additional filters at the view’s main page, which will be applied after ...
Other labels: plugin-ui, plugin-view
Page: JCaptcha Plugin
JCaptcha Plugin \\ JCaptcha provider of Jenkins' CaptchaSupport extension point. \\ \\ Changelog 1.1 (released 20110722) fix a dependency on a \SNAPSHOT Jenkins' core version 1.0 (released 20110608) initial implementation
Other labels: plugins, plugin, plugin-misc
Page: JMX Plugin
JMX Plugin \\ A plugin that exposes parts of Jenkins over JMX. \\ Changelog 1.0 (unreleased) initial release
Other labels: plugin, plugins, plugin-misc
Page: Job Import Plugin
Job Import Plugin \\ Import jobs from another Jenkins instance. \\ Job Selection Job Import !screenshotselect1.0.png thumbnail! !screenshotimport1.0.png thumbnail! \\ \\ The Remote Jenkins URL can take any of the following types of URLs: http://$JENKINS \ get all ...
Other labels: plugin, plugins, plugin-misc, adopt-this-plugin
Page: Node Offline Notification Plugin
plugin has been deprecated. Please use the  JENKINS:Mail Watcher Plugin Get a notification by email if one of your nodes suddenly goes offline Features Node specific email notification if a node suddenly goes offline ...
Other labels: plugin-deprecated