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Page: Amazon SNS Notifier
Send build notifications to an AWS SNS Topic. From version 1.7 on you can customize the SNS subject and payload message making use of build and environment variables. From version 1.8 you can set in the global configuration ...
Other labels: plugin-notifier, amazon, notification, sns, build-status
Page: Plugin
plugin allows you to upload an iOS application package to so that you can see the app running on a remote iPhone/iPad simulator: if successful, the simulator will be displayed embedded on the main project page as shown below, and there is also a link ...
Other labels: plugin-ios
Page: AppThwack Plugin
appthwackplugin A Jenkins CI plugin for running Android/iOS mobile tests on 100s of real devices using AppThwack. Check out the Continuous Integration for Mobile Apps with AppThwack and Jenkins blog series for more information. Continuous Integration for Mobile Apps ...
Other labels: plugin-upload, plugin-android, plugin-ios
Page: ArtifactPromotionPlugin
Using this plugin you can promote artifacts by moving release candidates into release repositories. Artifact promotion  If you're applying continuous delivery you won't do the 'Maven Way of artifact lifecycle' using Snapshots and Releases but will continuously create release ...
Other labels: plugin-buildwrapper, plugin-maven, plugin-upload, plugin-external
Page: Associated Files Plugin
plugin allows for marking files or directories outside of Jenkins as related to a build. This plugin allows you to specify a list of files and/or directories to associate with a given build, in that job's configuration. This is to associate files/directories outside of Jenkins which are still produced/controlled ...
Page: AWS CodePipeline Plugin
AWS CodePipeline is a continuous delivery service for fast and reliable application updates. The AWS CodePipeline Plugin provides a prebuild SCM and a postbuild step for your Jenkins project. It will poll and download changes. When a build succeeds it will zip ...
Other labels: plugin, plugin-scm
Page: AWS Device Farm Plugin
AWS Device Farm Plugin Test your app on real devices in the AWS cloud
Other labels: plugin-upload, plugin-android
Page: AWSEB Deployment Plugin
plugin allows you to deploy into AWS Elastic Beanstalk by Packaging, Creating a new Application Version, and Updating an Environment Overview and Installation Install it (manually or from the Plugin manager) and you're set. It will add a magic button ...
Other labels: plugin-upload, plugins
Page: Batch Task Plugin
plugin adds batch tasks that are not regularly executed to projects, such as releases, integration, archiving, etc. In this way, anyone in the project team can execute them in a way that leaves a record. Usage When you install this plugin, your project configuration page ...
Other labels: plugin-builder
Page: Bitbucket Approve Plugin
Plugin enables Jenkins to approve commits on Bitbucket after successful builds. Changelog 1.0.3 20150403 Allow approval of unstable builds via checkbox #3 Support variable substitution for repo owner and name #2 1.0.2 20150323 Skip approval ...
Other labels: plugin-report, plugin-notifier