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Page: Async Http Client Plugin
Async Http Client Plugin This plugin provides a shared dependency on the asynchttpclient library so that other plugins can cooperate when using this library. Beside the dependency to the async library (, this plugin also provides ...
Page: Compatibility Action Storage Plugin
Developed by !praqmalogo.png! Plugin overview The purpose of this plugin is to serve as a small plugin that have the database configuration setup, for sharing data about compatibility Issues
Page: Database Plugin
library plugin allows other plugins to connect to RDBMS in an uniform fashion. This library plugin defines a common abstraction to connect to relational database. By doing so, it serves three purposes: It allows database driver plugins (such as H2 Database Plugin ...
Other labels: plugin-database
Page: Docker Commons Plugin
APIs for using Docker from other plugins. Summary Plugin provides the following features: API for managing Docker image and container fingerprints Credentials and location of Docker Registry Credentials and location of Docker Daemon (aka Docker Remote API) ToolInstallation ...
Other labels: credentials-provider
Page: Drizzle(+MySQL) Database Plugin
driver plugin for Database plugin that adds Drizzle driver (which is also compatible with MySQL.) . Changelog Version 1.0 (Dec 17, 2012) Initial version
Other labels: plugin-database
Page: Eclipse Update Site Plugin
library plugin combines Eclipse update sites from all the installed plugins and expose it as a single update site. This plugin does not provide uservisible features by itself, but rather it is meant to be used by other plugins as a library. User Guide When this plugin ...
Page: Git Client Plugin
Shared library plugin for other Git related Jenkins plugins. This plugin by itself does not provide any uservisible function; for that, see Git plugin, of which this was originally part. About This plugin provides an API to execute generalpurpose git operations ...
Page: GitHub API Plugin
plugin is a library plugin used by other GitHub related plugins to share the same libraries. This plugin does not have any user visible feature by itself. There's no need to install this plugin manually, although you want to keep it up to date. Note ...
Page: Git Server Plugin
plugin is a library plugin for other plugins to add git server functionality to Jenkins. This plugin wraps the serverside functionality of JGit so that other plugins can easily expose Git repositories from Jenkins via its SSH transport and HTTP ...
Page: H2 Database Plugin
driver plugin for Database plugin that adds H2 database driver Changelog Version 1.0 (Dec 14, 2012) Initial version
Other labels: plugin-database