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Page: DistFork Plugin
Turns a Jenkins cluster into a general purpose batch job execution environment through an SSHlike CLI. This plugin adds a new command 'distfork' to Jenkins CLI, which can be used to execute arbitrary command on a slave of your choice. The distfork ...
Other labels: plugin-cluster
Page: External Resource Dispatcher
plugin adds support for external resources in Jenkins. An external resource is something external attached to a Jenkins slave and can be locked by a build, which thus gets exclusive access to it, then released after the build is done. Examples of external resources are phones ...
Other labels: plugin-slaves, plugin-android
Page: List Command Plugin
Description Version history Version 0.2 Initial release
Page: Log Command
Adds a command for the CLI which shows a build's console log. If instantmessagingplugin is installed, it also provides a command for it (Jabber, IRC, ...). CI Job Usage CLI ...
Page: Metadata plugin
plugin allows metadata to be added to projects, builds and slaves in Jenkins. Users can add metadata manually on a project or slave via the user interface. Metadata can also be added programmatically through a plugin. Currently, this can be done when a build ...
Other labels: plugin-misc, plugin-library, plugin-ui
Page: Nestor
Nestor is Jenkins commandline interface in Node.js . You can use Nestor to manage your Jenkins jobs using simple commands nestor build <jobname> nestor job <jobname> nestor queue nestor executor nestor dashboard ...