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Page: DistFork Plugin
Turns a Jenkins cluster into a general purpose batch job execution environment through an SSHlike CLI. This plugin adds a new command 'distfork' to Jenkins CLI, which can be used to execute arbitrary command on a slave of your choice. The distfork ...
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Page: External Resource Dispatcher
plugin adds support for external resources in Jenkins. An external resource is something external attached to a Jenkins slave and can be locked by a build, which thus gets exclusive access to it, then released after the build is done. Examples of external resources are phones ...
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Page: Lenient shutdown plugin
plugin lets you put Jenkins in shutdown mode but still allow any downstream builds of those currently running to also complete. Features This plugin lets you put Jenkins in shutdown mode but still allow any downstream builds ...
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Page: List Command Plugin
Description Version history Version 0.2 Initial release
Page: Log Command
Adds a command for the CLI which shows a build's console log. If instantmessagingplugin is installed, it also provides a command for it (Jabber, IRC, ...). CI Job Usage CLI ...
Page: Metadata plugin
plugin allows metadata to be added to projects, builds and slaves in Jenkins. Users can add metadata manually on a project or slave via the user interface. Metadata can also be added programmatically through a plugin. Currently, this can be done when a build ...
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Page: Nestor
Nestor is Jenkins commandline interface in Node.js . You can use Nestor to manage your Jenkins jobs using simple commands nestor build <jobname> nestor job <jobname> nestor queue nestor executor nestor dashboard ...
Page: Workflow Plugin
All information about Workflow is available in GitHub ion. Quick links: Getting Started Originally inspired by the ´╗┐Build Flow Plugin
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