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Page: Android Emulator Plugin
Automates many Android development tasks including SDK installation, build file generation, emulator creation and launch, APK (un)installation, monkey testing and analysis... See also: Android Lint Plugin. Table of Contents Features ...
Other labels: plugin-buildwrapper
Page: Android Lint Plugin
Parses output from the Android lint tool and displays the results for analysis. See also: Android Emulator Plugin. Features Android Lint is a tool which scans your Android projects and reports on potential bugs ...
Other labels: supports-dashboard-view, plugin-report
Page: Appaloosa Plugin
Publish your mobile applications (Android, iOS, ...) to the platform. Features Appaloosa is a service that simplify the distribution of your private mobile apps. This Jenkins plugin allow you to automatically or manually ...
Other labels: plugin-upload, plugin-ios
Page: External Resource Dispatcher
plugin adds support for external resources in Jenkins. An external resource is something external attached to a Jenkins slave and can be locked by a build, which thus gets exclusive access to it, then released after the build is done. Examples of external resources are phones ...
Other labels: plugin-slaves, plugin-cli
Page: GCM Notification Plugin
Sends build notifications to Android devices using the Google Cloud Messaging service. Setup Once fully set up, Jenkins will be able to send notifications to the Google Cloud Messaging (GCM) service — formerly known as Cloud to Device Messaging ...
Other labels: plugin-notifier, instant-messaging-plugin
Page: Keivox KMAP Private Mobile App Store Plugin
Publish mobile applications to your Keivox KMAP Private Mobile App Store Installing the Keivox KMAP plugin You can install the plugin either through the Jenkins plugin administration or manually. {}Configuring the Global Settings{} Go ...
Other labels: plugin-upload, plugin-ios
Page: SOASTA CloudTest Plugin
plugin integrates SOASTA CloudTest and SOASTA TouchTest features into Jenkins. The CloudTest Jenkins plugin provides the ability to Easily run the MakeAppTouchTestable utility on an iOS or Android project Silently ...
Other labels: plugin-ios, plugin-report, plugin-external
Page: Vessel plugin
plugin uses the Vessel upload API to allow uploading your iOS/Android files to Please see for instructions on using this plugin. Changelog  Version 1.0.0 (September 5 2013) Initial version
Other labels: plugin-upload
Page: Zubhium Plugin
plugin uses the Zubhium upload API to allow uploading your Android .apk files to Changelog  Version 0.1.6 (August 15 2012) Bugfix release Fixed a NPE affecting all who updated from 0.1.4 ...
Other labels: plugin-upload