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  • Android Emulator Plugin Automates many Android development tasks including SDK installation, build file generation, emulator creation and launch, APK (un)installation, monkey testing and analysis... See also: Android Lint Plugin. See also: Google Play Android Publisher Plugin. Table
  • Google Play Android Publisher Plugin Enables Jenkins to upload Android apps (APK files) and related info to Google Play. Features Uploading APK files to Google … file is downloaded, probably named "Google Play Android Developerxxxxxxxxxxxx.p12" Copy the email address of the service account created Assign permissions
  • Android Lint Plugin Parses output from the Android lint tool and displays the results for analysis. See also: Android Emulator Plugin. Features Android Lint is a tool which scans your Android projects and reports on potential bugs, performance, security and translation issues, plus
  • Android Signing Signs and ZipAligns Android APKs using a key in the credential store To use, first make sure the environmental variable ANDROIDZIPALIGN points to the proper binary. Then upload your signing key and passphrase using the Jenkins credentials tool.
  • Building an Android app and test project Introduction If you have an Android app project including a test project in Eclipse and you would like to use Jenkins for Continuous Integration and have Checkstyle, FindBugs and Emma coverage trends this is how it should work. Assumptions You have an Android app including
  • Hudson Helper for Android Monitor your CI builds right from your Android device. Hudson Helper uses Hudson's remote API in order to provide detailed information about your builds. Network usage is minimal due to the use of caching and local data storage. !hhblog1.png border=1! More details at Hudson Helper for Android
  • Hudson Monitor for Android Monitor and display the status of your builds on your Android™ phone. The application will periodically fetch the status of the builds and notify you of new build failures. Download & Installation Start the Android Market application on your phone and search for "Hudson" to download
  • Android Device connector plugin This plugin lists up all the Android devices connected to the master and all the Jenkins slaves, and provide operations to them … you deploy .apk to a device (a build running on one slave can deploy app to Android connected to another slave.) Web UI and CLI commands to deploy .apk The Slave
  • Jenkins Slave on DalvikVM in Android This is a work in progress. Please help by adding a comment, or making contributions or edits to this wiki doc. Please … on an Android device does not make any sense, driving tests on Android devices does. The Android Emulator Plugin by Christopher Orr exploits multi configuration
  • Jenkins Mood monitoring widget for Android Simple way to monitor Jenkins builds on Android phone. This application (or widget to be precise) http … /2010/10/newversionofandroidhudsonmood.html widget for Android