Jenkins Infrastructure : Account Application runs LDAP in the backend to manage its user accounts. The entrance of the system for the general users is


Those of us with special karma can reset the password for other users. Sometimes people have trouble gaining access to their account, so please help them by using this mechanism. To do so,

  1. Login
  2. Go to admin page
  3. Type in the user's user ID or the e-mail address
  4. Click the appropriate "reset password" button
  5. Tell the guy his new password

Spam rejection in sign-up

StopForumSpam service is integrated into the sign-up process to watch out for spammers, but this process does have some false-positives.

To stream-line the false-positive handling, when the system rejects an attempt to create a new user because of the spam flag, we send an e-mail to with a link to go ahead and create this user.

The user receives an message saying he needs to contact

If we decide to create this user account, click this link in the e-mail, and press a button to confirm. This would actually create a new account, and the details will be sent to the user.