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Plugin ID seleniumhtmlreport Changes In Latest Release
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Nov 03, 2011
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Marco Machmer (id: m211)
Usage Installations 2013-Apr 1333
2013-May 1352
2013-Jun 1361
2013-Jul 1422
2013-Aug 1372
2013-Sep 1374
2013-Oct 1432
2013-Nov 1427
2013-Dec 1404
2014-Jan 1516
2014-Feb 1595
2014-Mar 1555

This plugin visualizes the results of selenium tests.


The seleniumhtmlreport plugin scans the selenium test results directory for html files created by selenium tests and creates an overview of the executed tests.

All html result files will be copied into the subdirectory "seleniumReports" of the build root directory.

All results will be read from the html result files. In the overview is for each html result file a link to it.


If you activate the Post-Build-Action "Publish Selenium Html Report" you can insert the location of your selenium test results into the text input box with the label "Selenium tests results location". Insert a location relative to your workspace.


This plugin is developed and maintained by Marco Machmer with kind support from Abas Software AG. Please feel free to contact me for feedback. If you have suggestions for new features or you've found a bug, please use the issue tracker.


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