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No information for the plugin 'qmakebuilder' is available. It may have been removed from distribution.

The qmakebuilder Plugin is designed for Qt/C++ programmers building using QMake, the preferred build tool for people building with Qt. QMake is designed to do dependency analysis, capable of making Makefiles for any Qt-supported environment. QMake is designed to be run with "make" (or gmake or nmake), but this plugin does the work also.

QMake also does the extra work required for building Qt:

  • Sets up the make-logic for the ".ui" files from Qt Designer
  • Sets up the translation files from Qt Linguist
  • Sets up the slots/signals/meta-data of Qt's slot-signal framework

For building with this project file, it may become important in Hudson to define a "QMAKESPEC" as an environment variable tied with the node established. It may also be necessary to set up the PATH to allow execution of qmake within the environment the node-slave or the master node that the qmake project will run on.

The sources for this plugin live at

More information about Qt can be found at


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