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Plugin Information

Plugin ID nopmdverifytrac Changes In Latest Release
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Oct 26, 2012
nopmdcheck (version:0.9)
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n/a (id: yosuke)
Usage Installations 2013-Apr 10
2013-May 12
2013-Jun 12
2013-Jul 16
2013-Aug 17
2013-Sep 14
2013-Oct 15
2013-Nov 15
2013-Dec 15
2014-Jan 19
2014-Feb 19
2014-Mar 14

When you use Trac to tracking issues, this plugin makes a report about whether 'NOPMD' in your codes are right.

How to use this plugin ?

  1. You should install XML-RPC to your Trac, see
  2. A member in your project should write Trac's ticket-id at the same line including 'NOPMD'.
    public void hoge(){
        something.wrongMethod(); //NOPMD #251
  3. And he or she writes "why using 'NOPMD' " into this ticket(i.e. 251 in the above example).
  4. This plugin scans him or her code. And it connects to Tracand checks that the ticket is closed. If this plugin finds 'NOPMD' without ticket-id or finds ticket-id but this ticket isn't closed, this plugin report that this 'NOPMD' is illegal.

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Version History

Version 0.9 (Oct 26, 2012)


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