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Plugin Information

Plugin ID cmakebuilder Changes In Latest Release
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2.2 (archives)
Aug 28, 2015
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Martin Weber (id: 15knots)
Usage Installations 2014-Aug 1097
2014-Sep 1137
2014-Oct 1170
2014-Nov 1141
2014-Dec 1136
2015-Jan 1206
2015-Feb 1234
2015-Mar 1304
2015-Apr 1282
2015-May 1314
2015-Jun 1351
2015-Jul 1343

This plugin can be used to build cmake based projects within Jenkins.
See this blog post for a short introduction.

Change Log

Version 2.2 (28 Aug 2015)

  • FIXED: JENKINS-29329: Visual Studio/MSBuild projects can not be built implicitly anymore JENKINS-29267 (Thanks to Dominik Acri for testing under windows).
  • Improved online help.
  • Changed build message wording from ERROR to WARNING if CMAKE_BUILD_TOOL cannot be determined to avoid end-user confusion.

Version 2.1 (11 Jul 2015)

  • FIXED: JENKINS-29267 CMAKE_BUILD_TOOL is deprecated in cmake version 3.0

Version 2.0 (5 Jul 2015)

This version is almost a complete re-write. Unfortunately, due to its new set of features,
it will be incompatible with older versions.
Changes include

  • Require Jenkins 1.580.3
  • Use the standard ToolInstallation mechanism to select the cmake version per-build-step (similar to Ant and Maven).
  • Eliminated mis-use of CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX.
  • Gets the actual build tool name and path from CMakeCache.txt and exposes it as env var `CMAKE_BUILD_TOOL` for subsequent build steps. Users no longer have to care for the name of the build tool.
  • Allow to run the build tool multiple times with different targets.
  • Allow to pass extra environment variables to the build tool (e.g. DESTDIR=some/dir).

Version 1.10 (14 Jun 2015)

  • FIXED: Expand environment variables in definition of CMake generator (issue #13049)
  • FIXED: Matrix build labels not expanded by CMake plugin (issue #8538)
  • ENHANCEMENT: Removed restriction to be applicable to only free-style or matrix project.

Version 1.9 (17 Apr 2011)


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