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Plugin Information

Plugin ID zentimestamp Changes In Latest Release
Since Latest Release
Latest Release
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Required Core
4.1 (archives)
May 25, 2015
matrix-project (version:1.3)
Source Code
Issue Tracking
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Pull Requests
Gregory Boissinot (id: gbois)
Usage Installations 2014-Jun 786
2014-Jul 841
2014-Aug 843
2014-Sep 854
2014-Oct 883
2014-Nov 869
2014-Dec 886
2015-Jan 940
2015-Feb 984
2015-Mar 1038
2015-Apr 1170
2015-May 1277

This plugin makes it possible to change the Jenkins build timestamp format (provided by the Jenkins BUILD_TIMESTAMP variable).


The Jenkins BUILD_TIMESTAMP variable uses by default the date and time format 'YYYY-MM-DD_hh-mm-ss' of the international standard.
You can change this format by providing your own pattern.
You must specify a java.text.SimpleDateFormat pattern such as the value 'yyyyMMddHHmmss'.


  • Changes date and time format to the Jenkins instance (all jobs on all slaves will be impacted).
  • Changes date and time format to the slave (all jobs on this slave will be impacted).
  • Changes date and time format to the job (only the job will be impacted)


Release 4.1 (May 24, 2015)

  • Commented out logging statement

Release 4.0 (April 07, 2015)

  • Fix issue #26626 - Switch to use BUILD_TIMESTAMP environment variable and make it compatible with Jenkins 1.597+

Release 3.3 (May 16, 2013)

  • Fix issue #17975 - SCM polling stops to work if the previously used build node no longer exists

Release 3.2 (March 10, 2012)

  • Make it compatible to MatrixProject

Release 3.1 (March 07, 2012)

  • Make it compatible to envinject jenkins plugin (Remove RunListener and add an EnvironmentContributor).
  • Fix issue #12694 - Zentimestamp plugin v3.0 no longer compatible with hudson.

Release 3.0 (December 21, 2011)

  • Add the ability to change the date format at node level

Release 2.2 (March 1, 2011)

  • Change UI labels from Hudson to Jenkins

Release 2.1 (February 19, 2011)

  • Updated over new Jenkins 1.397 API and metadata

Release 2.0.1 (July 02, 2010)

  • Fixed regression for backward compatibility with zentimestamp 1.2

Release 2.0 (June 20, 2010)

  • The plugin is now a job property that enables users to change the BUILD_ID variable from Hudson publishers too

Release 1.2 (February 10, 2009)

  • Upgraded to new Hudson API
  • Added integration tests

Release 1.1 (June 10, 2009)

  • Fixed Help 404 error with Hudson 1.3xx

Release 1.0 (August 12, 2008)

  • Initial release


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