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Plugin Information

Plugin ID veracode-scanner Changes In Latest Release
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1.5 (archives)
Sep 25, 2015
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Mike Bockus (id: mbockus)
Usage Installations 2014-Nov 96
2014-Dec 92
2015-Jan 105
2015-Feb 97
2015-Mar 101
2015-Apr 103
2015-May 114
2015-Jun 121
2015-Jul 124
2015-Aug 124
2015-Sep 128
2015-Oct 126

This plugin provides a post build action for submitting files for scanning to veracode.
*Warning* - This plugin has a dependency on Java 7, so the Jenkins instance that you're installing the plugin into will need to be running in a Java 1.7+ environment to function properly.   

*Warning* - This plugin is not officially supported by Veracode.  If you are experiencing issues or have questions, please comment here or report an issue on Github.  

To setup a job to submit artifacts to Veracode for a static scan, you'll first need to provide the credentials and default values in Manage Jenkins -> Configure System:

Then for each job that you want to initiate scans, add the "Submit Artifiacts For Veracode Scan" post build action to that job's configuration:

Provide a comma delimited list of files that you want to scan, the name of the application in Veracode, and override any default scan values:


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