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New Users

Sign up from to create your account. This account gives you access to all our support infrastructure, such as JIRA and Wiki.

Migration from

Those who have accounts on and used that to login to the old Hudson JIRA has their accounts migrated in Follow the steps below to gain access to this account:

  1. Visit and click 'Reset password'
  2. Type in your ID (not the e-mail address.) The system will send you a new random password
  3. Use that to log back into the same account app and update your profile and the password
  4. Use that to login to JIRA and Wiki.

If you have any issues/questions, contact kk at kohsuke dot org.


I updated my profile but it's not reflected to Confluence

Confluence apparently internally caches your profile information, which only expires after certain period of inactivity. So come back tomorrow morning and it should be good.

I updated my profile but it's not reflected to JIRA

JIRA can only use our backend LDAP for authentication, and it stores your name and e-mail address separately. You can update it separately from here. In order to edit your profile just click on the small pencil in the top right corner of the details section.

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