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Lets you use "tools" in unusual ways, such as from shell scripts.

Plugin Information

Plugin ID toolenv Changes In Latest Release
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1.1 (archives)
Mar 27, 2013
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Jesse Glick (id: jglick)
Usage Installations 2014-Nov 646
2014-Dec 626
2015-Jan 657
2015-Feb 683
2015-Mar 711
2015-Apr 731
2015-May 723
2015-Jun 721
2015-Jul 770
2015-Aug 732
2015-Sep 757
2015-Oct 753

About this plugin

See for motivation.

Some screenshots are better than a long discussion:

  1. This is what you define in Hudson's main config screen:
  2. This is how you use the plugin in a job:
  3. This is what you get:

Compared to Custom Tools Plugin the advantage is that you can use the tool in arbitrary ways, not just running an executable from it. In the future these plugins should be merged. SharedObjects Plugin can also be used to achieve this plugin's effect.


1.0 released Feb 15 2010


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