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Plugin Information

Plugin ID tmpcleaner Changes In Latest Release
Since Latest Release
Latest Release
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Dec 29, 2011
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Issue Tracking
Open Issues
Kohsuke Kawaguchi (id: kohsuke)
Olivier Lamy (id: olamy)
Usage Installations 2013-Apr 401
2013-May 448
2013-Jun 455
2013-Jul 491
2013-Aug 486
2013-Sep 529
2013-Oct 541
2013-Nov 571
2013-Dec 591
2014-Jan 611
2014-Feb 620
2014-Mar 663

Jenkins and/or plugins can create some temporary files.
This plugin allows you to cleanup JVM temporary files.
This plugin will cleanup the directory

How to configure

TODO : configure it with the ui.

Currently you can configure some parameters with system properties when starting Jenkins:

recurrence cleaner execution : -Dhudson.plugins.tmpcleaner.TmpCleanWork.minutes=360 
extra directories to clean : -Dhudson.plugins.tmpcleaner.TmpCleanWork.extraDirectories=/var/tmp 
clean files not accessed since this number of days : -Dhudson.plugins.tmpcleaner.TmpCleanWork.days=1

Default values :

  • minutes : 360
  • extraDirectories : null
  • days : 7

Version History

Version 0.1 (2010-02-01)

  • Initial release


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