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Plugin Information

Plugin ID jenkins-tag-cloud-plugin Changes In Latest Release
Since Latest Release
Latest Release
Latest Release Date
Required Core
1.6 (archives)
Jul 03, 2012
Source Code
Issue Tracking
Pull Requests
Open Issues
Pull Requests
Chris van Es (id: cvanes)
Usage Installations 2014-Nov 105
2014-Dec 96
2015-Jan 93
2015-Feb 85
2015-Mar 92
2015-Apr 83
2015-May 89
2015-Jun 80
2015-Jul 80
2015-Aug 76
2015-Sep 83
2015-Oct 79

Plugin which generates a tag cloud from source code.


A plugin which scans a project's source and generates a tag cloud of commonly used words. Taken from an idea demonstrated by Kevlin Henney at a recent Bash.ie event in Belfast, NI. 


Version history

Version 1.6 (03/07/2012)

  • Making number of tags configurable.

Version 1.5 (15/04/2012)

  • Minor POM updates.

Version 1.4 (10/04/2012)

  • Moving under jenkinsci organization in github.

Version 1.3 (08/04/2012)

  • Initial release.


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