Storable Configs Plugin

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Plugin Information

Plugin ID storable-configs-plugin Changes In Latest Release
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Feb 28, 2011
selection-tasks-plugin (version:1.0, optional)
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Nikita Zhelyakov (id: nzhelyakov)
Usage Installations 2013-Apr 251
2013-May 235
2013-Jun 241
2013-Jul 249
2013-Aug 247
2013-Sep 237
2013-Oct 251
2013-Nov 252
2013-Dec 241
2014-Jan 246
2014-Feb 252
2014-Mar 263

This plugin allows you to save and load set of job parameters.

Hudson 1.366 or later.
This plugin was created for Hudson 1.366. It might not work with earlier versions of Hudson.

User guide

This plugin saves and loads job parameters (Boolean value, String parameter, ScriptSelectionTaskDefinition and etc.).

1. Select job. In menu there is button "Storable configs". Press this button.

2. You should see the following page with empty configuration list.

3. For saving current job parameters you need to enter the filename and to press "Save settings" button. Plugin will save all job parameters in HUDSON_HOME\jobs\job_name\storable-configs\filename.xml . This file will appear in "Load configuration" section. You may view all available configuration files.

4. For loading parameters you need to choose one file from the list and to press "Change settings" button.


Version 1.0 (February 28, 2011)
  • Initial release.


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