Jenkins : SnowGlobe Plugin

Plugin Information

No information for the plugin 'snowglobe-plugin' is available. It may have been removed from distribution.

This plugin provides the ability to define Infrastructure as Code. Create, update and tear down clusters of related docker containers for builds, testing or continuous delivery.


Snowglobe plugin for Jenkins

This allows Jenkins jobs to control a SnowGlobe instance (see


The operations are relatively simple:


snowglobe_clone createAction: true, sourceId: 'ci-template', targetId: 'new-globe-name'

Set Variables

snowglobe_set_variables globeId: 'my-globe', variables: 'key="value"'

Get Variables

data = snowglobe_get_variables  globeId: 'my-globe'


snowglobe_apply createAction: true, globeId: 'my-globe'


data = snowglobe_state createAction: false, globeId: 'my-globe'


snowglobe_clone remove: true, globeId: 'my-globe'

Remove: set to true to also remove the SnowGlobe after destruction.

In all cases - createAction controls whether to add an action to the build, which will also remove the globe when the CI build is complete.