Jenkins : Slave Utilization Plugin

Lets you specify two things 

  1. Configure Percentage of node capacity that should be allocated when a job runs on particular node
  2. Configure if only one instance of a job can run on a given node at any given time

Plugin Information

View Slave Utilization on the plugin site for more information.

This plugin adds two new options to job config page 

1.Needs percentage based access to slave's resources

For example if you specify a job to take 50% of node's capacity and the node is configured to use 6 executors. When this job runs on the node it would only allocate jobs on the 3 remaining executors  and allocate 3 executors to this job.

2.Can run only single instance per slave

If you check this option only one job would be scheduled per node



slaveutilization.jpg (image/jpeg)
slaveutilization.jpg (image/jpeg)
slaveutilization.jpg (image/jpeg)