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Plugin Information

Plugin ID skype-notifier Changes In Latest Release
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1.1.0 (archives)
May 14, 2011
instant-messaging (version:1.16)
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Jarle Hjortland (id: jbh)
Usage Installations 2014-Nov 485
2014-Dec 485
2015-Jan 500
2015-Feb 504
2015-Mar 489
2015-Apr 487
2015-May 477
2015-Jun 486
2015-Jul 453
2015-Aug 452
2015-Sep 454
2015-Oct 477

Integrates Jenkins with Skype for instant messaging. Requires extra manual installation steps!!!

Note that you also need to install the instant-messaging plugin.

This plugin enables Jenkins to send build notifications via Skype, and to talk to Jenkins via a 'bot' to run commands, query build status etc.. 

Installation Requirements
Follow the steps below 

This plugin needs the Instant Messaging Plugin. Please ensure that the latest version of this plug-in is also installed.This plugin requires special hudson setup to work.

How to get it running

This plugin requires a running skype and uses JNI so it will take some configuration to work. Currently tested on Windows Server 2003 and CentOS 5.5

  1. Skype must be running as the same user as a hudson slave/master
  2. If running hudson on a 64bit JDK you must add a windows/linux slave running on a 32bit jdk
  3. The slave must have a "skype" label
  4. Check the logs to see if it connects ok to skype
  5. If it connects ok, then you must allow the java plugin to connect with skype
  6. Add skypeid to all users in hudson
  7. Good luck

The is build for CentOS 5.5
I used the static version of skype, but I guess other versions will work also.

If you run the slave/master as a windows service it will fail to connect with skype

Node startup script for linux

Must either have a running console or use vncserver on display :1 (logon to the vnc/console to accepts the jenkins plugin in skype)

Also copy the skype executable to the slave home folder

export JAVA_HOME=/usr/java/32bit/jdk1.6.0_24
export DISPLAY=:1
killall skype
killall $JAVA_HOME/bin/java
cd /work/skypeslave
name=$(hostname -f)
wget  -N -nd --progress=dot:mega http://${name}:8080/jnlpJars/slave.jar
$JAVA_HOME/bin/java -jar /work/skypeslave/slave.jar -jnlpUrl http://${name}/computer/skype/slave-agent.jnlp

Skype on CentOS


Version 1.1 (May 14, 2011)

  • Bot commands are now supported.
  • Groups are now supported, prefix groups with a *


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