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Mar 05, 2013
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mallowlabs (id: mallowlabs)
Usage Installations 2013-Apr 1794
2013-May 1893
2013-Jun 1996
2013-Jul 2187
2013-Aug 2459
2013-Sep 2517
2013-Oct 2906
2013-Nov 3005
2013-Dec 3070
2014-Jan 3401
2014-Feb 3715
2014-Mar 4086

A plugin for Jenkins that supports custom CSS & JavaScript.
You can customize Jenkins's appearance (ex. his gentle face on the background).


  • Use your original CSS.
  • User your original JavaScript.


At Manage Jenkins > Configure System > Theme, you could configure urls of CSS and JavaScript.


Example CSS (

  • Use Meiryo font.
  • Change the background image (to cute snow rabbit).

See also

The Page Markup Plugin which also allows for custom styling of the Jenkins instance.

Version History

Version 0.3 (5 March, 2013)

  • Simple bump of parent version so that the plugin correctly identifies as a Jenkins plugin for people using custom update centers

Version 0.2 (29 July, 2011)

  • Initial release


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