Jenkins : Service Virtualization Integration

You can run tests that employ Service Virtualization with Jenkins continuous integration.

Before you begin setting up a job in Jenkins, make sure you prepare your virtual services and other prerequisites as described in the Service Virtualization Help Center. Then you need to enter the server details.

Configure the connection to your Service Virtualization Server

  1. Install the "Micro Focus Application Automation Tools" plugin. (Manage Jenkins > Manage Plugins)
  2. Go to the Jenkins Server home page.
  3. Click the Manage Jenkins link in the left pane.
  4. In the Manage Jenkins Page click Configure System.
  5. In the Configuration tab, scroll down to the Service Virtualization section.
  6. Click Add SV server.
  7. Specify Service Virtualization Server details. The Server URL must be in the following format:
    <scheme>://<Service Virtualization Server IP or hostname>:<port number>/management
    For example:https://agata:6085/management

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