Selenium Test Cases

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(Note: This work is largely based off the great work by vjuranek - in Manual testing for LTS releases)

The code for this project is largely written in Ruby and can be found in the selenium-tests git repository on GitHub.


Color Meaning Code
green Test has been created and submitted
yellow Test is being developed
red Test needs to be created

Test Cases

Core functionality 

Global configuration 
Freestyle jobs 
Test name
Short description
Expected result
Created Test File
Create freestyle job Create freestyle job Freestyle job is created   yes basic_test.rb
Disable build Configure job as disabled Job is disabled   yes core/freestyle_test.rb
Parametrized build Setup parametrized build and check the parameter value The appropriate variable is setup and contains right value   yes core/freestyle_test.rb
Concurrent builds
Allow "Execute concurrent builds" in project config and schedule two or more builds
Builds are executed concurently
  yes core/freestyle_test.rb
Tie project to a label
Tie project to e label and schedule a build
Build is executed on slave with given label
  yes core/freestyle_test.rb
SVN checkout
Configure SVN repository and schedule build
Project is checkout from SVN
  yes core/freestyle_test.rb
Ant build step
Add ant build step and configure ant targets
Ant targets are executed and finish with success
  yes core/freestyle_test.rb
Maven build step
Add maven build step and configure maven goals
Maven goals are executed and finish with success
  in progress  
Shell builds step
Add shell build step and setup simple shell script
Shell script is executed and finish with success
  yes core/freestyle_test.rb
Archive artifacts
Setup "Archive artifacts" post-build action
Artifacts are archived
Publish JavaDoc Setup JavaDoc publishing
JavaDocs are published
Email notification
Setup email notification and schedule build
Notification email is sent and delivered
Build triggers Setup any of build triggers     needed  
Maven jobs 
Matrix jobs 


Plug-in installation tests

Name Tested
Git yes
GitHub yes
Chuck Norris yes
Warnings yes
Violations yes
Cobertura yes
xUnit yes
Checkstyle yes
Disk Usage yes
Green Balls yes
Groovy yes
Gradle yes
Grails yes
Job Config History yes
Build timeout yes
Backup yes
DRY yes
JIRA yes
Sonar yes
SSH slaves 
SVN (1.25, 1.26) 
Maven (1409.1-Snapshot) 
CVS (1.2) 
Scis-ad () 
Green balls (1.10) 
Test name
Short description
Expected result
Created Test File
Simple checkout
Add Git SCM and checkout project
Project is checked out
Checkstyle (3.15) 
Cobertura (1.2,1.3) 
Findbugs (4.23) 
PMD (3.15, 3.21) 
Warnings (3.16) 
Sonar (1.6.1) 
Disk usage (0.13)
Violations (0.7.10) 
Chuck Norris (0.4) 
Analysis collector (1.13, 1.17) 
Dashboard view (2.0.2) 
HTML publisher (0.7) 
Tasks () 
Jira (1.29) 
Active directory () 
Deploy () 
Dry (2.20) 
Backup (1.6.1) 
XUnit () 
Build timeout (1.7,1.8) 
Test name
Short description
Expected result
Created Test File
Build time out
Configure build with shorter time out that the duration of the build
Build is aborted
Scp publisher (1.8) 
Gradle (1.8) 
Groovy (1.8) 
Job config history (1.11) 
Nested view (1.7) 
Workspace clean up (0.4) 
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