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Plugin Information

Plugin ID selection-tasks-plugin Changes In Latest Release
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Feb 28, 2011
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Nikita Zhelyakov (id: nzhelyakov)
Timur Zolotuhin (id: n/a)
Usage Installations 2013-Apr 223
2013-May 215
2013-Jun 213
2013-Jul 225
2013-Aug 219
2013-Sep 226
2013-Oct 229
2013-Nov 241
2013-Dec 227
2014-Jan 241
2014-Feb 252
2014-Mar 250

This plugin adds new variable. You may select several tasks (for example, Selenium tests) for run.

Hudson 1.366 or later.
This plugin was created for Hudson 1.366. It might not work with earlier versions of Hudson.

User guide

1. Add "Script Selection task" variable to your project. You need to specify the path to executable file and several delimeters. See the picture below.

2. Our idea is quite simple. We have a folder with Selenium tests. We want to select some of them using Hudson UI. Executable file knows the structure of the directory with Selenium tests.

Executable file writes directory structure to standard output stream. So, plugin runs the executable file and reads standard output stream. Example of executable file

3. If you press "Build now" button you will see the tree like this

4. Select several tests and press "Build" button. For example

5. In build parameters you may see

6. You may use this variable in your Linux or Windows scripts. And you may use selected value as default value for this type of variable.


Version 1.0 (February 28, 2011)
  • Initial release.


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