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1.20 (archives)
Nov 18, 2015
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Timothy Bingaman (id: tbingaman)
Usage Installations 2014-Nov 2621
2014-Dec 2625
2015-Jan 2680
2015-Feb 2725
2015-Mar 2874
2015-Apr 2868
2015-May 2864
2015-Jun 2952
2015-Jul 2983
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2015-Sep 3093
2015-Oct 3152

Sectioned View Plugin

This plugin provides a new view implementation that can be divided into sections. Each section can display different information about the selected jobs. An extension point is also provided to define new types of sections.


Using this plugin you can combine different types of sections to create a view that is tailored to your needs. Each section can contain different jobs and can have an optional header.

The sections currently implemented are:

  • Test Result Section
  • Standard List View Section
  • Job Graphs Section (first implementation released in version 1.2)
    • currently only supports these trends: Test Result, Compiler Warnings, Violations
  • Text Section (no jobs, just a textbox)
  • View Listing Section
    • A great way to make a home screen for listing all your different views
    • Supports the Nested View Plugin for hierarchical views.

You can add as many different sections as you want to create an overview of various projects.

For each section you can specify a width (Full, 1/2, 1/3, 2/3) and a position (Center, Left, Right).



After installing the plugin you'll see "Sectioned View" as an option when creating a new view.

When editing the view, you get a new area for creating and organising your sections. Each section can be further configured by expanding its "Advanced" area.

View Listing Section Configuration

The View Listing Section type presents a listing of all your views (as an expandable tree if you're using the Nested View Plugin).
Just check the ones you want to show in the listing. Any checked entries will be given a box in the listing.

If you use nested views, then all sub-views of a checked view will be displayed as a hierarchical unordered list in the box (see the "Projects" listing in the example pic above).


New section types can be implemented by extending SectionedViewSection as shown below.

public class MyCustomViewSection extends SectionedViewSection {

    public MyCustomViewSection(String name) {

    public static final class DescriptorImpl extends SectionedViewSectionDescriptor {

        public String getDisplayName() {
            return "My Custom Section";

Then you can create a matching jelly include for displaying the jobs in this section.

<j:jelly xmlns...>
  <j:if test="${ > 0}">
  <j:if test="${empty(section.items)}">
    <p>No jobs in this section.</p>
  <j:forEach var="job" items="${section.items}">
    <!-- Some custom logic for how to display each job -->


In no particular order:

  • Allow configuration of columns in list section (same as in the standard list view)
    • Done - available in release 1.5 - Requires Jenkins 1.329 or higher
  • Add security matrix for each view (like Project-Based Matrix Security) - not sure about this one. I think just using the existing project-based security matrix would be better. The sections just need to respect those permissions. See the other to-do item on this topic.
  • Add a full-screen link to display view without the sidebar.
  • Add support for more graph types in the Job Graphs Section
  • Jobs should respect project-specific security settings.
    • If the logged in user does not have read access to a job it shouldn't appear in the section
    • If no jobs in a section are viewable by the logged in user then the whole section should not be displayed.
  • Allow Text Sections to be easily styled/themed
    • Done - Simple styling options available since the 1.8 release

Work In Progress

Update: first implementation released in version 1.2

Job Graphs Section - a section that presents a mini overview of all the trend reports for the selected jobs.


Release 1.20 - 18 Nov 2015

  • Requires Jenkins 1.580 or higher
  • JENKINS-25920 Update UI style to match that in newer Jenkins versions
  • JENKINS-8276 Fixed issue with View Job Filters in List View Section
  • Job names in List View Section inside a Folder are now relative to that folder
  • JENKINS-30799 Job list in List View Section config is now scrollable
  • View Listing Section style updated to match newer Jenkins
  • Fixed View Job Filters for jobs in Folders
  • JENKINS-19376 + JENKINS-10612 - Fixed display of 3-column layout

Release 1.19 - 10 Jul 2015

  • Support jobs within subfolders. Changes.
  • JENKINS-29250 - Sectioned View appearance broken in 1.619

Release 1.18 - 17 Jun 2013

  • Support CloudBees Folders or other item groups.
  • Word wrap text sections even style is None.
  • Fixed problems with textarea in text view sections introduced in 1.17.

Release 1.17 - 5 Jun 2013

  • Security flaw: need to use configured markup formatter for text view sections.
  • Better static resource caching.

Release 1.16 - 4 Dec 2011

  • Fixed word wrapping in text section JENKINS-11755
  • Fixed nested view tree in view listing section for recent versions of Jenkins JENKINS-11702

Release 1.15 - 23 Mar 2011

  • Fixed NPE in View Listing Section when no views were selected.
  • Cleaned up plugin licensing (MIT License).

Release 1.14 - 3 Feb 2011

Release 1.13 - 13 Dec 2010

  • Built against Jenkins 1.388
  • Applied patch for JENKINS-8276 - Added ability to use View Job Filters on all Sectioned View Sections.

Release 1.12 - 1 Nov 2010

  • Requires Jenkins 1.377 or higher
  • Added a new section type for displaying a listing of selected views. Supports the Nested View Plugin for hierarchical views.

Release 1.11 - 15 Jun 2010

  • Requires Jenkins 1.345 or higher
  • Made job names clickable when configuring sections
  • Some community-contributed localizations
  • Added support for labelled test group graphs in Test Result and Job Graphs sections (see LabeledTestGroupsPublisher Plugin)

Release 1.10 - 23 Feb 2010

  • Fixed url to compiler warnings trend graph when using a newer version of the Warnings Plugin - JENKINS-5725
    • Note: this version will now fail to display the warnings when used with older versions of the Warnings Plugin
  • Added some new graphs to Job Graphs Section
    • Open Tasks trend
    • Static Analysis combined trend

Release 1.9 - 22 Feb 2010

  • Added a Tip style option to the Text Section (to match the style of the confluence tip macro)
  • Integrated some French community-contributed translations

Release 1.8 - 28 Jan 2010

  • Added an option for selecting a Text Section's style (currently just note/info/warning style)
  • Newly added List View Sections now contain the standard columns by default

Release 1.7 - 23 Jan 2010

  • Requires Jenkins 1.342 or higher
  • Fix 1.342 Jenkins core compatibility

Release 1.6

  • Fixed JENKINS-4844 - Sectioned View in "My Views" now shows the correct tabs.

Release 1.5

  • Requires Jenkins 1.329 or higher
  • Added ability to configure columns in List View Section just like in the standard List View

Release 1.4

  • Fixed table layout on configuration page
  • Added violation graph support for Freestyle projects to the Job Graphs Section

Release 1.3

  • Added "Text Section" type
  • Added section width and positioning settings

Release 1.2

  • Support for regex-based job includes for each section
  • First implementation of "Job Graphs Section" type

Release 1.1 (release failed, skipping this version)

Release 1.0

  • Initial release.
  • Implemented "Test Result Section" and standard "List View Section"


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