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1.0.4 (archives)
Jun 29, 2012
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Martins Kemme (id: mkemme)
Usage Installations 2014-Nov 8
2014-Dec 10
2015-Jan 10
2015-Feb 12
2015-Mar 13
2015-Apr 13
2015-May 8
2015-Jun 10
2015-Jul 8
2015-Aug 10
2015-Sep 17
2015-Oct 11
Sends build status notifications to the SLAdiator monitoring application (


SLAdiator ( is online Service Level Agreement monitoring tool, which allows you to define various service level metrics and monitor their fulfillment in real time. This Jenkins plugin allows to see Jenkins build status also on the monitoring tool (if you would like to). Once installed and configured, this plugin sends build status notifications upon build completion. 


There is a SLAdiator section in the build configuration screen where you can specify project name (defaults to "Jenkins") and a field where you need to paste in the agreement (token) number. See below in SLAdiator application configuration guide, how to get the token.

By default notifications are sent to the global SLAdiator monitoring service; however if you have your own copy of SLAdiator application, then you can override server settings in the Jenkins global configuration options:

SLAdiator application configuration guide

First you need to get the agreement number (token) from the SLAdiator. You get this number from the agreement configuration page. If you don't have any agreement, yet, then simply create a new one and get the token. Remember to paste the token into Jenkins build configuration!

After you have got the token, you need to set up metric that will watch notifications sent from Jenkins

That's it.

Change Log

Version 1.0.2

* Initial official production release


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