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Plugin Information

Plugin ID rubyMetrics Changes In Latest Release
Since Latest Release
Latest Release
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Required Core
Mar 10, 2011
maven-plugin (version:1.397)
rake (version:1.7.3)
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Issue Tracking
Open Issues
David Calavera (id: david_calavera)
Usage Installations 2013-Jul 1389
2013-Aug 1429
2013-Sep 1392
2013-Oct 1459
2013-Nov 1430
2013-Dec 1418
2014-Jan 1466
2014-Feb 1462
2014-Mar 1490
2014-Apr 1472
2014-May 1520
2014-Jun 1484

Ruby metric reports for Jenkins. Rcov, Rails stats, Rails notes and Flog.

Rcov support

Rcov plugin parses rcov html report files and shows it in Jenkins with a trend graph.

Once we've installed the rubyMetrics plugin, we have to introduce the output report directory into the job configuration:

If the build was successfuly, Jenkins generates the trend report and the graph:




Rails stats support

Once the plugin is installed we can publish rails stats reports checking the right option:

 Jenkins generates a report by each successful build and keeps an historic version while the project goes forward:


Rails notes support

Flog support

Flog measures code complexity. It shows you the most torturous code you wrote.

Check the right option in your job's configuration and add the directories that you want to monitorize, i.e app/models

AN ALTERNATIVE TO THIS PLUGIN: If you can't get this to work, see the guide I wrote at: Configuring a Rails build


Version 1.5.0 (Mar 10, 2011)

  • Do not abort when the build is unstable.
  • Graphs for ratios, classes, loc; no upper bounds

Version 1.4.6 (Nov 27, 2010)

  • Fix notes chart
  • Use an expandable textbox to set the flog directories

Version 1.4.5 (Nov 18, 2010)

  • fix: Flog graph doesn't track over time

Version 1.4.4 (Oct 28, 2010)

  • Add rake version range


1.4 (05-01-2010)

  • Flog support added
  • Fixes rcov parser support issues

1.3 (30-10-2009)

  • Rails notes support added
  • Rails stats publisher allows to choose base directory.

1.2.3 (04-05-2009)

  • fixes some bugs.

1.2.2 (24-09-2008)

  • choose different rake version when we configure Rails stats publisher.
  • added rcov metrics configuration and health report.

1.2 (18-09-2008)

  • Rails stats support added
  • Refactored to use common classes

1.1 (12-09-2008)

  • Solves a bug with the rcov report percentages.


  • Clean css and make the reports more user friendly 
  • Choose different rake version. Currently it chooses the default version, the Rake plugin should be modified in order to extract the versions select list to a template.


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