Release Process

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Each new version of jenkins.war is released by the process described here.

  • New development always goes to the master branch, (which is built by Jenkins). Master branch is always open for new commits.
  • Every weekend or Monday, Kohsuke cuts the release candidate (RC) branch. More exhaustive and extensive testing starts on this branch (built by Jenkins).
    • fixes that must be applied to both the RC branch and the master are generally made on the RC branch and then merged into the master. The 2nd step can be omitted if it's not urgent to get the fix in the master right away. The RC branch gets merged into the master anyway after a release.
  • Every late Friday, Kohsuke releases a new version of Jenkins from the RC branch.

Occasionally we do releases out of this cycle by necessity, but these are the basics. Because of this, there can be maximum of up to 12 days before a change in the master branch becomes available in a release.

Long-term Support (LTS) Release

We also started producing another release line that lags behind in terms of new features, but provides more stability and a slower update cycle, called LTS Release Line



See this thread for the discussion leading up to this process.

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