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Plugin Information

Plugin ID rebuild Changes In Latest Release
Since Latest Release
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Required Core
1.25 (archives)
Jun 25, 2015
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Ragesh Nair (id: ragesh_nair)
Shemeer Sulaiman (id: shemeersulaiman)
Haggai Philip Zagury (id: hagzag)
Usage Installations 2014-Nov 5742
2014-Dec 5882
2015-Jan 6349
2015-Feb 6652
2015-Mar 7230
2015-Apr 7455
2015-May 7677
2015-Jun 8236
2015-Jul 8780
2015-Aug 9083
2015-Sep 9564
2015-Oct 9961

This plug-in allows the user to rebuild a parametrized build without entering the parameters again.It will also allow the user to edit the parameters before rebuilding.


Once you installed this plug-in whenever you execute a parametrized build you will get a rebuild button in the left pane of the run as shown in the image. If you want to execute the build with same parameters, rebuild plug-in will allow you to build it through rebuild button.If you want to edit some of the existing parameters, the rebuild plug-in will allow you to edit the existing parameters and build it.

How to rebuild

Steps to rebuild

  • Select the run of the job which you want to rerun.
  • There will be a Rebuild button as shown in the image given below.
  • Click on the Rebuild button. A configuration page contains the existing parameters will appear as shown in the below image.
  • If you want to edit some existing parameters(for ex: name and choice) , you can edit it and Rebuild it by clicking the Rebuild button.

Change Log

Version 1.25 (Jun 25, 2015)

*Add option to disable the rebuild plugin on the project level

Version 1.20 (Sept 13, 2013)

*Fixed JENKINS-15882.

*Fixed JENKINS-14828.

*Blocked rebuilding matrix configuration alone.

*Rebuild option for parameter less build.

Version 1.18 (Feb 24, 2013)

* Fix JENKINS-16874 - java.lang.NullPointerException: Current Project is null

Version 1.17 (Feb 06, 2013)

*"Rebuild Last"  feature allows to rebuild last build implemented.

* JENKINS-14905 fixed.

Version 1.16 (Nov 14, 2012)

*Rebuild support for non parametrized build

Version 1.16 (Nov 14, 2012)

*Rebuild support for non parametrized build

*Required Jenkins Core Version is 1.481.

Version 1.15 (Oct 12, 2012)

*Rebuild support for jobs having subversion/text parameter

*Required Jenkins Core Version is 1.481.

Version 1.14 (July 8, 2012)

* fix JENKINS-11770 add support for NodeLabel parameter plugin

Version 1.13 (June 11, 2012)

* Enabled rebuild plugin support for parametrized triggered plugin with basic type of parameters like String-parameter,Boolean-parameter,
  File-parameter,Text-parameter and Password-parameter. Currently there is no support for Run-parameter for Parametrized triggered plugin.

* Disabled the rebuild option for sub jobs of matrix build.

Version 1.12 (June 06, 2012)

* Fix reponed JENKINS-13647

Version 1.11 (May 13, 2012)

* Fix NullPointerException for JENKINS-13647

Version 1.7 (Mar 2, 2011)

  • Enhanced the rebuild plug-in so that the editing option of build parameters before rebuild is introduced. [Doesnt have backward compatibility. An exception at startup. Seems minor and e are working on fix however doesnt affect functionality]

Version 1.4 (Sept 15, 2010)

  • Disabling the rebuild option while selecting Run and File parameters is implemented

Version 1.1 (Jul 16, 2010)


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