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Plugin Information

Plugin ID project-stats-plugin Changes In Latest Release
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Latest Release
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Sep 22, 2012
dashboard-view (version:2.0)
Source Code
Issue Tracking
Open Issues
Marco Ambu (id: mambu)
Usage Installations 2013-Apr 2136
2013-May 2123
2013-Jun 2216
2013-Jul 2299
2013-Aug 2401
2013-Sep 2433
2013-Oct 2564
2013-Nov 2512
2013-Dec 2519
2014-Jan 2665
2014-Feb 2724
2014-Mar 2807

This plugin provides new dashboard-view portlets and new columns for displaying project statistics for your Jenkins instance.


Following this post on the mailing list I created a new plugin that provides statistics for each project (versus global statistics that are already provided by the dashboard view plugin and several others).

Project statistics

Number of builds



Version History

0.5 (Development)

0.4 (2012/09/22)

  • Wrapping elements to make them style-able (thanks to crossman)
  • FIX JENKINS-15067: a build result can be null if the build is currently building (thanks to Michael Pailloncy) issue #15067

0.3 (2011/09/25)

  • NumBuilds portlet: added percentage

0.2 (2011/03/28)

  • NumBuilds portlet: replaced job name with job link
  • Updated jenkins version to 1.404 to avoid build warnings with older versions

0.1 (2011/03/26)

  • Added a new column with the number of builds (Success, Unstable, Fail) for the project
  • Added a new portlet that shows a table with the number of builds (Success, Unstable, Fail) for the project in the viewwrapping elements to make them style-able


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