Project Description Setter Plugin

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Plugin Information

Plugin ID project-description-setter Changes In Latest Release
Since Latest Release
Latest Release
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Required Core
1.1 (archives)
Jun 12, 2012
token-macro (version:1.5.1)
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Bap (id: bap)
Usage Installations 2014-Mar 999
2014-Apr 1025
2014-May 1067
2014-Jun 1083
2014-Jul 1120
2014-Aug 1108
2014-Sep 1161
2014-Oct 1174
2014-Nov 1221
2014-Dec 1201
2015-Jan 1236
2015-Feb 1266

Change log


  • Set the project description using a file in the workspace
  • Use Token Macro tokens in the file to replace dynamic values, eg ${ENV,var="JENKINS_URL"}
  • File is read and description set at the end of the build - the file can be generated during the build
  • Matrix (Multi-configuration) projects supported in Jenkins 1.426 onwards
  • Use with PegDown Formatter Plugin to format the description with Markdown and prevent XSS (by selecting SUPPRESS_ALL_HTML)


Set the default Filename and Charset in Manage Jenkins > Configure System in the section titled Project description setter defaults

Enable the plugin by checking the box next to Set a project description from a file in the workspace in the Build Environment section of a project configuration.


The location of the file relative to the workspace root
The Filename can include Token Macro tokens which will be resolved before the description is set (ie, before a Markup formatter is invoked)

Advanced options
Disable tokens

Do not parse the description file for Token Macro tokens (tokens will still be expanded in the filename field)


Select the charset (character set and character-encoding) for the file

Change log

1.1 (12/06/2012)

  • Add option to disable token parsing of the contents of the description file JENKINS-14088
  • Enable environment and build variable token replacement

1.0 (05/08/2011)

  • Initial release
Questions, Comments, Bugs and Feature Requests
Please post questions or comments about this plugin to the Jenkins User mailing list.
To report a bug or request an enhancement to this plugin please create a ticket in JIRA.


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