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Plugin Information

Plugin ID plasticscm-plugin Changes In Latest Release
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2.1 (archives)
Sep 02, 2014
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Luis Rodriguez (id: ravelus)
Usage Installations 2014-Oct 58
2014-Nov 61
2014-Dec 70
2015-Jan 63
2015-Feb 58
2015-Mar 64
2015-Apr 56
2015-May 56
2015-Jun 56
2015-Jul 75
2015-Aug 65
2015-Sep 71

This plugin integrates Plastic SCM to Jenkins. This way, users can automatise builds in Plastic SCM using Jenkins.


System configuration

In order to configure the plugin, you need a "cm" executable installed in the Jenkins server machine. Then, please follow these steps:

  1. Open the system configuration page "Manage Jenkins" and navigate to "Configure System".
  2. Then, search the "Plastic SCM" section and enter the path to the cm (the command line client).

Job configuration

With Plastic SCM selected in the Source Code Management section of your job, enter the required selector (see picture below). In this textbox you can configure the repository to use and the branch that should be loaded in the workspaces managed by Jenkins. Optionally, select whether the workspace should be cleared between builds; or change the generated workspace name.

The plugin will automatically create the needed workspaces pointing to the specified branch.

Note: From Plastic SCM plugin version 2.1 on, you can setup not only branches (which is the normal case), but labels as well as changesets in the selector.


The plugin requires that Plastic SCM 'cm' command line tool is installed on the master and slave machines.

Plugin version information

This plugin has been developed by Codice Software S.L., owner of the Plastic SCM product.

Visit us at:

Meet us:

Feel the power of merging branches easier than ever with Semantic Merge:

Change log

Version 2.1

  • Fixed an issue related to the non-ASCII characters included on the date on some cultures such as Korean culture.
  • Support labels and changesets in the Plastic SCM selector.
  • The plugin did not reuse Plastic SCM workspaces correctly when the 'Use update' preference was set. Fixed.

Version 2.0

  • Plugin adapted to Plastic SCM version 4.

Version 1.0

  • Initial version.


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