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This page lists open pull requests in the Jenkins GitHub repositories, sorted by the days of inactivity. To encourage contributions, we try to resolve pull requests within 2 weeks.

If your pull requests aren't processed in a timely fashion, please drop us a note at the dev list, so that we can give you a push access. If the plugin is dormant, we'd love you to take over.

Repository Submitter Days since creation Days since update Title
jenkins mleinart 1196 155 HUDSON-8317
jenkins paxswill 931 155 OS X: Switch to a sane packaging system
jenkins mfriedenhagen 926 309 [FIXED JENKINS-18008] Report remote address of the client, not the forwarding proxy in token authorization.
jenkins freimair 912 155 [FIXED JENKINS-11089] Allow control of fallback jdk usage
jenkins freimair 912 155 [JENKINS-11121] Scheduler now checks for requested JDK prior to launching the job on an executor
robot-plugin imikemo 904 136 Added possibility to mark build as unstable when any of non-critical tests fail
rubymetrics-plugin codez 844 242 Specs are tests as well
rake-plugin codez 844 252 Prepend bin path to PATH instead of appending it.
jenkins.rb jcmuller 817 252 Add a status option to CLI
jenkins DracoAter 805 155 FIXED JENKINS-11260 and JENKINS-12256
jenkins axnsoftware 789 155 JENKINS-12537: patch for the feature request
rake-plugin dieterdemeyer 742 252 Fixed JENKINS-12216: Rake build step not available for some plugins
jenkins mocleiri 734 155 [JENKINS-13190] Add ACLPermissionOverride extension point
rubymetrics-plugin martinrehfeld 734 252 also support current 'rake notes' output format
jenkins kinow 712 155 Make fields read-only in build configure page when user has no Update permission
infra-rating kinow 696 6 Server application written in PHP for plug-in compatibility feedback from Jenkins users
jenkins-clone-workspace-scm-plugin ronny 685 229 Proposed fix for JENKINS-13165
hudson-notifo-plugin jeffmaury 670 252 Global settings
jenkins astellingwerf 647 321 [FIXED JENKINS-9711]
git-plugin cormallen 643 27 Fix for a race condition in polling and a workaround for bugs in git tree-walking code
jenkins imod 579 155 new extension point: PluginInstallJobFactory
git-plugin cfoote 579 27 Stop building excluded revisions when multiple branches are configured
jenkins cjo9900 579 155 Allow projects to be blocked while downstream projects are also blocked.
jenkins vjuranek 571 155 Added MatrixDeleteStrategy extension point
jenkins cjo9900 569 155 Add the default values for parameters that are not passed in.
git-plugin rvaughn 568 13 Fix include/exclude filters to consider every new commit
jenkins schendel 565 155 [ better multi-tenancy: prevent users with unsufficient privileges from editing the description in the top-section|]
jenkins jsternberg 563 155 Allow projects to be configurable and buildable, but disallow builds by the user.
jenkins.rb etiennep 559 252 Fix for Issue #56
jenkins jeffmaury 552 155 [JENKINS-15198] Add support for Maven Toolchains files via config-file-p...
jenkins JoelJ 546 321 Test result page keeps identifying tests as age 1
jenkins lvotypko 541 155 Extension point for displaying of time
jenkins onemanbucket 516 155 JENKINS-12875 use valid default header name
jenkins bols-blue 507 155 open suse server need more requires.
jenkins pjdarton 498 148 [FIXED JENKINS-15331] Workaround Windows unpredictable file locking in Util.deleteContentsRecursive
jenkins laurence-h 496 155 [FIXED JENKINS-15576] Label's Load Statistics queue length based on label assigned to job rather than to item in build queue.
jenkins jhansche 494 155 [JENKINS-10593] Allow a job to block inheritance from the parent ACL
jenkins tbrugz 492 155 Distinguish between test failures and errors - JENKINS-4951
throttle-concurrent-builds-plugin advantiss 487 136 new features
rake-plugin ohTHATaaronbrown 480 252 Tokenmacrosupport
jenkins sdumitriu 466 155 Optimize images
jenkins sdumitriu 466 155 Cleanup CSS
jenkins acmyo 434 155 JENKINS-16351 - Modification to build status balls to be less distracting
jenkins gavingray 433 149 [JENKINS-9258] "Remember me on this computer", still getting asked to log in after a few hours
jenkins RichardBradley 426 155 JENKINS-2673, JENKINS-1406 Fix inappropriate cron warnings
jenkins theotonne 425 155 Updated views to be fully configurable via Groovy scripting
jenkins jmcnally 412 155 [JENKINS-16676] RelativePath dependent field validations do not work
jenkins kkkon 402 155 [FIXED JENKINS-16846] fix logic and add test
jenkins-clone-workspace-scm-plugin FrantaM 397 252 Fix for JENKINS-12840
jenkins comutt 387 155 JENKINS-15178: Enabled log rotation on Mac OSX
rake-plugin FrederikNS 382 252 Added an additional check for system-wide rvm installations.
jenkins jonatin 379 155 Exclude the extraneous xmlpull and xpp3_min dependencies in jenkins-core
jenkins stevenpost 373 80 [Git Pull request] Closing several resources on exception
jenkins aklochkovgd 369 155 Take subtasks into account when deciding to provision new nodes
jenkins CoRfr 358 155 [JENKINS-13546]: Uniformize build response for request of type "application/json"
jenkins jglick 330 155 [JENKINS-17782] Suppress stack traces for non-admins.
jenkins pmaccamp 330 155 [FIXED JENKINS-17510] ExecutorService wrapper that handles security context
dom4j msrb 310 310 Fix CDATA end token in HTMLWriter
jenkins hanabishi-se 310 155 [FIXED JENKINS-18011] Deadlock issue with slaves on Windows
jenkins.rb elvanja 301 230 Added the unprotected root action support
git-plugin nh2 291 27 filterTipBranches: Use O instead of O(n^2) algorithm.
jenkins jglick 286 67 Experimentation with groovy-eclipse-compiler
jenkins magnayn 285 155 Maven repo in parallel to workspace option
git-plugin lkraider 263 27 [FIXED JENKINS-18666] Submodule reference
jenkins rbierman 261 155 Created test for issue: JENKINS-9693
jenkins precisiondev 259 155 [FIXED JENKINS-18676] Adding ability to set build status for CommandInterpreters based on script return value
jenkins bstick12 256 155 [JENKINS-18734] - Call perform(AbstractBuild build, Launcher launcher, BuildListener listener) if implemented in BuildStep
jenkins adamretter 250 155 [bugfix] Do not expose raw type in API
jenkins jglick 245 152 Adding @RequirePOST in a bunch of places where it seems to be missing.
jenkins clark-ma 244 0 [FIXED JENKINS-14713] make Cancel independent from Build permission
git-plugin HedAurabesh 237 27 [FIXED JENKINS-19022] Add option to disable saving build/branch map.
jenkins KostyaSha 228 155 [JENKINS-11205] add enabled/disabled user status for internal db
jenkins olivergondza 226 38 [JENKINS-19154] Publish test results in real time
jenkins.rb huynguyen 225 225 Feature to be able to delete a slave via the cli
jenkins ndeloof 216 105 [FIXED JENKINS-19310] compute relative URL to display in view
jenkins rborer 213 155 Jenkins CLI now connect to existing SSH agent for authentication
gerrit-trigger-plugin oharboe 204 57 builds: removes future jobs when one of the jobs fail
gerrit-trigger-plugin emanuelez 191 106 Allow to send messages to Gerrit not in the same message as the build result
git-plugin kostmo 171 27 add ancestry/age-based BuildChooser branch filter
gerrit-trigger-plugin amscanne 149 106 Using build message file for all statuses.
jenkins ikedam 149 58 [FIX JENKINS-16255] Handle environment variables case-sensitive.
throttle-concurrent-builds-plugin joemiller 146 5 add support for limiting job concurrency based on one or more build parameters
jenkins lvotypko 145 143 Add tests
jenkins ThmX 135 135 [FIXED JENKINS-19183] FileParameter: Does not create file when no file is uploaded
git-plugin orrc 133 0 If building from a tag, export the commit message as GIT_TAG_MESSAGE.
jenkins yoichi 132 132 [FIXED JENKINS-20500] filter queue/executors correctly via ajax
jenkins oleg-nenashev 132 16 [FIXED JENKINS-20559 and JENKINS-19454] - hudson.Launcher bugfix and additional wrapper
winstone ndeloof 127 43 handle X-Forwarded-For headers
jenkins oleg-nenashev 125 16 [IN_PROGRESS] [JENKINS-20683] - Use hetero-lists in build wrappers and triggers to simplify UI
jenkins mcupak 125 39 JENKINS-20681 -records time when a node is taken offline
jenkins yoichi 124 124 [FIXED JENKINS-18128]Filtering build queue/executors respecting inner items of Folder and Nested View
jenkins daniel-beck 121 45 [JENKINS-20739] Filter descriptors before adding them to hetero-list
git-plugin ojacobson 116 27 [JENKINS-20607] Force commit downloads when filtering by commit attributes.
svnkit electrawn 113 113 Update to SVNkit 1.8.0
jenkins ChrisA89 110 109 [JENKINS-9110] Add Build Date to Junit Test Result (History and Case View)
jenkins ChrisA89 110 110 [JENKINS-17050] Close pop-up menu when clicking outside.
jenkins rborer 110 37 Use changelog-stable for changelog links
throttle-concurrent-builds-plugin papajulio 107 107 Throttle configurations optionally in matrix jobs
jenkins msrb 106 106 Migrate to asm4
jenkins gcummings 104 100 JENKINS-20857 - Add some null checks to RunParameterValue
jenkins gcummings 104 104 JENKINS-20974 - RunParameter with filtering enabled should not include builds which are not yet completed
jenkins bkmeneguello 96 76 [PROTOTYPE] JENKINS-21092 Adaptable UI for Mobile Devices
jenkins daspilker 78 53 [JENKINS-21249] Updated Groovy to 2.2.1
jenkins jbrejner 69 6 [FIXED JENKINS-21394] Avoid irrelevant job queing while node is offline
jenkins daniel-beck 65 45 Minor changes to computers table status row
jenkins djwbbn 65 65 Remove --webroot parameter as it was left over from the old Winstone container
priority-sorter-plugin emsa23 64 53 Towards 2.7 - Support Property on Jobs and Folder for Group inclusion
jenkins anafke 63 44 [FIXED JENKINS-21729] Fix IE8 NPE with respect to sortability
jenkins kevinburke 63 63 Add console-output class even while div is in progress
jenkins kevinburke 63 63 Pass through task-link CSS class to confirmationLink dialog
jenkins ikedam 59 51 [FIXED JENKINS-18884] Access check to jobs in People pages.
jenkins ikedam 52 52 [JENKINS-21613] f:combobox may break form.onsubmit
rubymetrics-plugin md5 48 21 Load source code on demand
jenkins daniel-beck 45 45 Don't offer install without restart unless it's possible.
jenkins petere 45 45 debian: Use a configurable group for the Jenkins user
jenkins peter-kutak 40 40 Update
jenkins daniel-beck 38 38 [FIXED JENKINS-21818] Only show fingerprint links if any exist.
jenkins daniel-beck 38 1 [FIXED JENKINS-21819] Add 'tail' functionality for files in WS
jenkins bparees 33 21 Force httpclient to use a new protocol socket factory which does not explicitly bind to the client side interface.
throttle-concurrent-builds-plugin nmorey 33 33 Add option to filter build with matching when counting current running jobs
jenkins greydet 32 29 [JENKINS-17706] Prevent Windows cmd to complain when node workspace is given through a UNC path
jenkins bkmeneguello 30 0 Refactoring to allow user properties for anonymous users with
jenkins ialbors 30 29 Show "My View" Tab Bar Options.
git-plugin recih 29 27 fix change log encoding problem on Asia language Windows
git-plugin Vlatombe 28 27 Changes in dd140153 broke the notifier when trigger is null
jenkins christ66 25 7 [FIXED JENKINS-21999] If a slave node does not exist it will throw a
backend-ircbot slide 24 24 Add configurability and JIRA version creation/release
git-plugin sumbach 20 20 Use BuildChooserContext environment in InverseBuildChooser
xstream martinbrook 17 15 Backport fix XSTR-739 to 1.4.4
git-plugin gloeglm 13 5 Check for last built revision in the current branch
jenkins daniel-beck 13 13 [FIXED JENKINS-21720] Remove JavaScript confirmation script.
jenkins phoenix384 12 6 updated German translation
jenkins ikedam 11 10 [JENKINS-21932] Future#get does not return (or abort) when canceled in queue
jenkins stephenc 7 5 [FIXED JENKINS-22247] Abstract username case sensitivity into an extension point
git-plugin lastorset 7 0 JENKINS-14575: Make failed Git fetch throw IOException
jenkins cyrille-leclerc 6 6 [CLI] Add proxy authentication support to jenkins-cli.jar when it connects to a Jenkins master
git-plugin gloeglm 5 1 Do polling using a shared repository with a single fetch
git-plugin dbroady1 5 5 Add tracking submodules option
jenkins larrys 5 5 Update center date
jenkins olivergondza 3 0 Replace list-jobs CLI command with list-items
git-plugin Tetradeus 2 0 Added sparse checkout option
git-plugin woohgit 1 1 [JENKINS-14575] Fix regression and add tests as well
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