Jenkins : Past Donation Drives

2012 Winter Fundraising Drive

We are trying to raise $2000 travel grants for assisting Jenkins contributors to travel, meet, and strengthen their relationships with the other Jenkins contributors. Specifically, we have FOSDEM and SCALE11x in mind, in which there already are a fair amount of Jenkins contributors concentration.

Being an open-source project, Jenkins developers are highly dispersed, yet a lot gets done in the community through human relationships, just like any other organizations. This poses a challenge, because most of the contributors work on Jenkins on their spare times, and so people are on their own to travel to the shows, creating greater divides between those of us in the U.S., Europe, and in Asia.

This fund raising is a bit of experiment to see if it's worth the money. The goal is to sponsor two people who don't work on Jenkins full time to travel to those events (and hopefully present talks, although that's subject to the acceptance by conferences.) We'll also report back what came out of them.

If you think this is a worthy goal, please consider donating. If you'd like to donate but not for this cause, please drop us a note so that we can attribute it accordingly.

2011 Summer Fundraising Drive

Our current goal is to raise $5130 $5400 which was the cost of the bandwidth overage charged to Unknown User (rtyler)'s credit card for July and August when people downloaded Jenkins en masse and we failed to utilize our mirrors properly. The problem has been corrected and measures are being taken to prevent this from happening again, but what happened happened, and it's not fair for any individual to be asked to pay that much money for the project.

If you think you have positively benefited from Jenkins, please give us your support by donating.

As of 9/14, we've raised $810 toward $5400.
As of 9/20, we've raised $3870 toward $5400.
As of 9/25, we've raised $3900 toward $5400.
As of 10/25, we've raised $4040 toward $5400.
As of 12/18, we've raised $12096 toward $5400, successfully concluding the drive. Thank you!