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Office hours are held online at Google Hangout in time specified below. Click the icon below to join the hangout:

Upcoming Sessions

Date Time Host Topic
2015-07-29 11:00am PDT Daniel Beck Stapler for plugin developers

About Office Hours

Jenkins Office Hours is a regular online meeting to bootstrapping Jenkins developers and users. Depending on the day, it has one of the following goals:

  • User-focused sessions provide real-time support for both new and experienced users in getting Jenkins bootstrapped, solving particular workflow problems, debugging issues, etc. This type of meeting happens primarily when we can find a member of the community who's willing to talk about some specific area/plugin. This can include some impromptu-demo, walk-through, and a lot of Q&As.
  • Developer-focused sessions help spread plugin and core development knowledge around new and experienced Jenkins developers. Including bug hunting and analysis, pair-programming, sharing ideas. Ultimately such sessions should end with actual commits and code going "upstream" either to core or plugins such that work can continue after the session.

    For 60 minutes every week, a member of the developer community volunteers to host a session discussing hacking on a specific project or subystem in the plugin ecosystem or within core itself. Like virtual pair programming, multiple developers would connect to discuss how to solve problems and solve them. Sessions should be themed such as:
    • Getting started with developing plugins in Java
    • Refactoring/improving instant-message-based plugins
    • Enabling support for Ruby plugins via JRuby
    • etc
  • When there's no specific topic, the office hours fall back to open Q&A forum for existing and new plugin/core developers. If you have some ideas about what you'd like to do but don't know how to get started, drop by so that we can get you bootstrapped.

See this post to the mailing lists for more about concepts. If you would like to host a session, add yourself and your topic to the schedule and ping the users or dev list (whichever is appropriate) about it and we'll make sure you're set up to host. If you want to suggest sessions, please update this wiki page, and we'll try to find a right host.

Future Session Ideas

User Sessions

  • Automated testing with the Android Emulator plugin
  • Continuous integration with Gerrit and the Gerrit trigger plugin
  • Using the RVM plugin to test against multiple Rubies
  • Automating testing of PHP projects with notes jenkins-php
  • Setting up projects to run against multiple environments; including performance tips when dealing with spawning virtual machines
  • From build machine to build farm: the power of slaves
    • Automated setup with SSH and tool installers
    • Automated expansion with cloud servers/providers

Developer Sessions

  • Getting started with developing Jenkins plugins in Java
  • Setting up a development environment for Jenkins from scratch
    • Set up maven, Java, fork from github?
    • Making changes, running them, attaching debugger to Jenkins
  • Writing automated tests for Jenkins plugins (and/or core)
    • Prerequisites setup, e.g. pom dependencies?
    • Mocking slaves, queues, jobs etc.

Past Sessions

Date Time Host Topic
2015.01.28 11:00am PT Jesse Glick Workflow: security model, plugin compatibility (this event is on differeht hangout than usual)
2014.08.29 11:00am PT Kohsuke Kawaguchi Workflow
2014.07.02 11:00am PT Surya Gaddipati DotCI walk-through; notes
2014.06.18     no office hours this day because it's JUC Boston
2014.05.21 11:00am PT Kohsuke Kawaguchi HOWTO: Write a test in acceptance test harness (this event is on different hangout than usual)
2014.04.23 11:00am PT Kohsuke Kawaguchi Acceptance test harness
2013.07.13 11:00am PT Kohsuke Kawaguchi Job choreography use case check with Patrik Johansson chat transcript
2012.06.06 11:00am PT   Jenkow plugin hack
2012.05.23 11:00am PT Kohsuke Kawaguchi open mic
2012.05.09 11:00am PT Max Spring "Jenkow" : BPMN workflow / Jenkins integration plugin (recording
2012.03.14 19:00 UTC Arnaud Heritier xCode plugin and iOS development session (tentative)
2012.02.29 19:00 UTC (TBD) Christoph Kutzinski & Kohsuke Kawaguchi Dev session: mocking and unit testing. What we can do better
2012.02.15 19:00 UTC (cancelled)
2012.01.04 19:00 UTC Kohsuke Kawaguchi,Andrew Bayer,domi - Scripter discussion
2011.12.21 19:00 UTC Kohsuke Kawaguchi Open Q&A
2011.12.07 19:00 UTC Kohsuke Kawaguchi Matrix post-build step plugin or how to contribute localization, etc.
2011.11.16 19:00 UTC Kohsuke Kawaguchi Plugin source code review.
2011.11.02 18:00 UTC Kohsuke Kawaguchi Open Q&A.
2011.10.19 18:00 UTC Kohsuke Kawaguchi Open Q&A.
2011.09.21 18:00 UTC Kohsuke Kawaguchi Writing unit tests for Jenkins plugins.
2011.09.07 18:00 UTC Kohsuke Kawaguchi Plugin development tutorial. Simple plugin from start to finish.
2011.08.24 18:00 UTC Kohsuke Kawaguchi Open-ended Dev session.
2011.07.27 18:00 UTC Kohsuke Kawaguchi Open-ended Dev session.
  • Plugin development tutorial
  • Dev How-To: write an extension point in your plugin
  • Open mic
  • (Feel free to add topics you'd like to discuss)
2011.07.13 18:00 UTC R. Tyler Croy User session: Setting up Gerrit and Jenkins (continuous deployment!)
2011.06.29 18:00 UTC Kohsuke Kawaguchi Dev session. Open for any Jenkins plugin/core dev questions (recording)
2011.05.18 18:00 UTC R. Tyler Croy Introduction to Jenkins with Git User Office Hours Week 20
2011.05.17 18:00 UTC Andrew Bayer
Kohsuke Kawaguchi
Groovy as a Jelly replacement, working on the groovy-view branch in Jenkins core Dev Office Hours Week 20
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