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Plugin Information

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OAuth Credentials Plugin

This plugin library allows OAuth providers to surface OAuth credentials in Jenkins.

By itself, this library has no user visible changes, it is intended only to surface new extension points on top of which OAuth providers may surface their own OAuth2Credentials implementations.

Information for Plugin Developers

This extends the standard Credentials library with the following OAuth 2.0 concepts:

  • OAuth2ScopeRequirement
    • Surfaces a list of OAuth scopes that a plugin requires for accessing a provider's API.
  • OAuth2ScopeSpecification<T extends OAuth2ScopeRequirement>
    • Allows administrators to limit the set of OAuth scopes a given OAuth2Credentials provides to plugins
  • OAuth2Credentials<T extends OAuth2ScopeRequirement>
    • Provides an OAuth2 access token with the scopes requested via a "T" argument.

It is expected that OAuth providers will extend these classes as follows:

  • AcmeRequirement extends OAuth2ScopeRequirement
  • AcmeSpecification extends OAuth2ScopeSpecification<AcmeRequirement>
  • AcmeCredentials extends OAuth2Credentials<AcmeRequirement>

Now plugins that consume "Acme" APIs can filter for credentials that surface sufficient scopes for their API via:

    c = CredentialsProvider.lookupCredentials(AcmeCredentials.class, ..., myAcmeRequirements);

When accessing the API, a user would retrieve the OAuth token with:

    token = c.getAccessToken(myAcmeRequirements);

Consuming AcmeRequirements in Plugins

To avoid requiring users to type out OAuth scopes as part of their specification, the OAuth2ScopeSpecification supports the discovery of OAuth2ScopeRequirements annotated on installed plugins.  If a user annotates:

   @RequiresDomain(value = MyAcmeRequirement.class)

   public class MyAcmePlugin ...

The DomainRequirementProvider's will try to discover these and surface all discoverable scopes to the user as specification choices.  This plugin provides a DescribableDomainRequirementProvider for discovering these annotations on any installed "Describable" extensions, but DomainRequirementProvider is an extension point so it can be extended to surface new discovery mechanisms.

See Also

Google OAuth Plugin for an example of how this looks.

Version History

Version 0.3 (Feb 13, 2014)

  • Initial release