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1.41 (archives)
Aug 04, 2015
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Vimil Saju (id: vimil)
Usage Installations 2014-Nov 247
2014-Dec 259
2015-Jan 262
2015-Feb 292
2015-Mar 311
2015-Apr 312
2015-May 326
2015-Jun 351
2015-Jul 374
2015-Aug 367
2015-Sep 390
2015-Oct 405

This plugin stores junit results into an embedded derby database and groups testcases by module,package,class and case

This plugin can be used as a replacement for the built-in junit plugin.

This plugin allows junit tests to be grouped by suites in addition to the being grouped by package, class and case.

It persists the test into a derby database that runs in embedded mode. This is done so that reports can be generated easily using sql queries. This also reduces the memory required to display reports and history

The trend graph for each suite is displayed on the project home page. Three new columns, Success Rate, Failure Rate and Skip Rate are available that displays the percentage rate of success, failure and skip at the project level, suite level, package level, test class level and case level

The screenshot of the configuration page is shown below


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