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Plugin Information

Plugin ID measurement-plots Changes In Latest Release
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0.1 (archives)
Apr 07, 2010
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K. R. Walker (id: krwalker)
Usage Installations 2014-Nov 598
2014-Dec 595
2015-Jan 586
2015-Feb 583
2015-Mar 617
2015-Apr 618
2015-May 621
2015-Jun 627
2015-Jul 647
2015-Aug 641
2015-Sep 651
2015-Oct 628

Plot measurements embedded into the standard output and error streams of tests.


Searches standard output and standard error of test reports for measurements of the form:

<measurement><name>My Measurement</name><value>42.0</value></measurement>

These measurements will be associated with the test objects they are found within.

Measurement Format Requirements

The <measurement> must be:

  • on one line
  • within the standard-output or standard-error tags in the JUnit output
  • escaped (they're essentially a nested mini-document)



Example of a Complete Input JUnit File

Notice that the XML-like syntax for the measurement has to be escaped in the <system-out> element.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <testsuite name="package">
       <testcase name="case" time="0"/>
&lt;measurement&gt;&lt;name&gt;Length (m)&lt;/name&gt;&lt;value&gt;0.5&lt;/value&gt;&lt;/measurement&gt;
&lt;measurement&gt;&lt;name&gt;Time (s)&lt;/name&gt;&lt;value&gt;0.2&lt;/value&gt;&lt;/measurement&gt;</system-out>

Example of Multiple Measurements on a Test Object

Example of a Measurement Graph


Global Configuration


Project Configuration

For a project to use the Measurement Plots plugin, you need to enable it in the project configuration page:

Post-build actions > Publish JUnit test result report > Additional test report features > Measurement Plots

Version History

0.1 (Apr 7, 2010)

  • Initial public release

0.0 (Apr 3, 2010, Unreleased)


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