Maven Deployment Linker

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Plugin Information

Plugin ID maven-deployment-linker Changes In Latest Release
Since Latest Release
Latest Release
Latest Release Date
Required Core
1.5.1 (archives)
Mar 15, 2013
token-macro (version:1.5.1)
async-http-client (version:1.7.4)
Source Code
Issue Tracking
Pull Requests
Open Issues
Pull Requests
Larry Shatzer, Jr. (id: lshatzer)
Vincent Latombe (id: vlatombe)
Arnaud H���ritier (id: aheritier)
Dominik Bartholdi (id: imod)
Usage Installations 2014-Nov 806
2014-Dec 766
2015-Jan 815
2015-Feb 836
2015-Mar 909
2015-Apr 918
2015-May 912
2015-Jun 973
2015-Jul 980
2015-Aug 923
2015-Sep 955
2015-Oct 958

This plugin will add a summary on the build of the artifacts uploaded to your maven repository and a builder to download the uploaded artifacts to other projects.

Deployment Summery

The deployment summery adds a list of all the deployed maven artifacts of the job to the status page. You can activate it in the 'Post build actions' of your job and also restrict the listed artifacts by defining a regular expression.

Download linked artifacts

The build step "Get linked maven deployments" allows you to download linked artifacts of an other project into your jobs workspace.

Help and Support

For Help and support please use the issue tracker and/or Jenkins Users mailing list.

Change Log

   V1.5.1 @ 03-15-2013

   V1.5 @ 05-11-2012

  • add builder to download artifacts to a workspace from where they have been uploaded to (pull #2)

   V1.4 @ 11-30-2011

   V1.3 @ 10-20-2010

  • Fixed a small localization issue
  • The latest deployments now display correctly for Maven2 projects
  • On the project page, the latest deployments, and the latest release deployments are displayed

   V1.2 @ 10-16-2010

  • JENKINS-7814 : Several improvements for maven-deployment-linker plugin
    • i18n (extract to properties, addition of fr locale)
    • The user can input a regular expression to filter artifacts that are displayed
    • Excludes by default maven-metadata.xml (under maven3, the deployment of this file is logged, which wasn't the case under maven2)
    • Displays on the project page the latest Maven deployments

   V1.1 @ 09-28-2010

  • Fix bug in linking.

   V1.0 @ 09-27-2010

  • initial release


Larry Shatzer


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