Maven Dependency Update trigger

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Plugin Information

Plugin ID maven-dependency-update-trigger Changes In Latest Release
Since Latest Release
Latest Release
Latest Release Date
Required Core
Dec 30, 2011
maven-plugin (version:1.424.1)
Source Code
Issue Tracking
Open Issues
n/a (id: olamy)
Usage Installations 2013-Apr 577
2013-May 588
2013-Jun 602
2013-Jul 620
2013-Aug 595
2013-Sep 602
2013-Oct 642
2013-Nov 637
2013-Dec 645
2014-Jan 692
2014-Feb 686
2014-Mar 718

This plugin will check if any SNAPSHOT dependencies (or optionally plugins SNAPSHOT) have been updated during your project's dependencies resolution and trigger a build. You have to configure a cron expression.

This plugin use maven 3 apis to update dependencies.

Trigger configuration

The build cause will display which SNAPSHOTS has been downloaded:


Version 1.4 : 30 Dec 2011.
  • Upgrade maven versions.
  • fix use of maven default global settings.
  • various fixes on reading reactors projects.
Version 1.3 : 13 Aug 2011.
  • Update for Jenkins
Version 1.2 : 6 Oct 2010.
  • Build is triggered whene maven-metadata-${repoId}.xml is downloaded (issue #7688)
Version 1.1 : 5 Oct 2010.
  • Fix execution on remote nodes (plugin version 1.0 works only for jobs on master) (issue #7650)
  • Maven Dependency Update trigger doesn't use defined settings xml or properties (issue #7660)
Version 1.0 : 2 Oct 2010.
  • First release


plugin-trigger plugin-trigger Delete
maven3 maven3 Delete
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